Rating Scale

Everyone has their own rating scale, but I wanted to share the way I rate the books I read here on Booklovers for Life!

6 hearts
6 HEARTS: An absolute top favorite book. This most likely is an all-time favorite book to have ever been read. Loved and would recommend this to everyone.

5 hearts
5 HEARTS: A book that I wholeheartedly loved and would highly recommend.

4.5 hearts
4.5 HEARTS: A book that was almost perfect. I loved it, but there was still that little something about the book that prevented me from giving it full 5 hearts. A recommended read.

4 hearts
4 HEARTS: A highly enjoyable book that I’d recommend. I may not have loved everything about it, but it’s a great book overall.

3.5 hearts
3.5 HEARTS: A really good read, but not quite entirely satisfying. It was better than okay, but not good enough for it to be called great.

3 hearts
3 HEARTS: An okay read. It’s good, and I liked it for the most part. Would still recommend.

2.5 hearts
2.5 HEARTS: A book I struggled with, but it still had a few good parts. May not recommend.

2 hearts
2 HEARTS: I didn’t like this book. I didn’t hate it, but I can’t give any praises to it. There were too many problems with the books for me to enjoy it. Would not recommend.

1 heart
1 HEARTS: A book I hated. Would never recommend this book.

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