Blog Tour + ARC Review, Guest Post (Meet the Hero) & Giveaway: Havoc by Jamie Shaw

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Welcome to today’s stop on the blog tour for Havoc by Jamie Shaw! Meet the drummer of The Last Ones to Know, Mike Madden, and check my review for this fabulous book!


Readers fell in love with drummer Mike Madden from the very first book in this series, MAYHEM, when it became clear that he wasn’t like the rest of the guys in the band: Mike never took advantage of the fact that groupies were throwing themselves at his feet; instead, he was always waiting for “the one.” Mike had his heart broken back in high school, when his band was just starting to pave their way in the music industry, but that never damaged his belief in true love. He was never looking for a one-night stand—he was looking for his future wife, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. He waited for her through RIOT, he waited for her through CHAOS, and he finally meets her in HAVOC, when he finds Hailey Harper waiting with her cousin outside of his tour bus.

The fact that her cousin is his ex-girlfriend—the same one who broke his heart in high school and now wants him back—complicates things… a lot. But no one ever said Happily Ever Afters came easy…

Havoc by Jamie Shaw
Series: Mayhem #4 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: February 21st 2017
Publisher: Avon Impulse
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When Hailey Harper left her family farm to enroll in veterinary school, she had a plan: keep her head down, ace her classes, and most importantly… don’t upset the uncle paying her tuition. Translation? Don’t piss off his dramatic, self-absorbed daughter, Danica, even if she’s a nightmare to live with.

Falling in love with her cousin’s rock star ex-boyfriend was definitely not part of the plan.

As the drummer of a now-famous rock band, Mike Madden could have any girl he wants. He’s sweet, funny, romantic, talented–and the only guy that’s ever made Hailey’s heart do cartwheels in her chest. The more she gets to know him, the harder she falls, but Hailey knows they can never be more than friends… because Danica wants him back, and she’ll fight dirty to win.

Mike is falling for Hailey too, but Danica’s threats and his rock star life-music video shoots, international tours, obsessed fans-could tear them apart before they’ve even begun. Hailey isn’t sure she’s the one for him, but Mike’s waited years for a girl like her… and he’ll do anything to prove it.

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Y’all, the wait for Mike book is FINALLY over!!! If you’re a fan of this series (it’s new adult rock star romances, how can you not be a fan), then you know Havoc has been a long time coming. Well, Mike’s book is finally here and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. It’s honestly the sweetest book of the series, because it’s got the sweetest hero of the series. Mike will melt your heart – I promise that if you read this book, you will fall head over heels for him like I did!

“I could be on the other side of the universe, Hailey, and it wouldn’t keep me from you.”

Going into this, I was a bit wary because I’m not a fan of books with heroes who are still hung up on their exes. I can’t stand when a hero has feelings for someone other than the heroine… but Havoc is definitely an exception to this pet peeve of mine. Mike is still not over the ex who broke his heart years ago, but when Danica shows up again with her cousin Hailey, he gets the chance to decide whether he wants closure or another chance. Except there’s one complication, in the form of kind-hearted, adorable, geeky Hailey Harper.

“… I don’t want anyone else. I only want you. I’m thankful every day that I fell for the wrong girl, because it led me to the right one. it was always meant to be you.”

Hailey has always been overshadowed by her gorgeous, manipulative cousin, but for once in her life, she has something that even Danica can’t touch or ruin – her friendship with Mike. Hailey and Mike become fast, close friends, bonding over late night texts, jokes, and games. I adored the way their friendship developed so sweetly and genuinely. They are adorable together!! But soon enough, Hailey ends up falling for her cousin’s ex, who still wants to get back with him. She feels guilty, but Mike is one of the few things that is precious to her. There’s a lot of back and forth between Hailey feeling guilty and pushing Mike away to her wanting nothing more than to be with him forever. It gets a little dragged out, but once she decides to fight for her man, all bets are off.

“I would’ve waited my whole life for you, Hailey. It’s always been you.”

If you’re worried about how Mike feels about Danica, like I was, don’t worry. From early on in the book, Mike decides there’s only one girl for him, and that’s Hailey Harper. Hailey is just a little oblivious about ;). But once Mike sets his sights on her, there’s nothing that can keep him from winning her over and making her believe that there’s no one for him but her. Can you see why Mike is the sweetest hero out of all the boys in The Last Ones to Know!?

I adored this book. After the rough start in the beginning, it wasn’t hard to fall in love Mike and Hailey’s story. Danica is a total beyotch, but thankfully she didn’t ruin the book with her manipulative ways. Mike’s sweet and dirty talking ways totally made up for her. I love this new adult rock star series, and if you love either new adult or rock star books, I highly recommend picking this one up. It’s fun, flirty, and sweet – but I’m so sad the series is over! Still, I’m looking forward to what Jamie Shaw has in store for us next!

4 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Reading Order: Mayhem series

Mayhem by Jamie Shaw Riot by Jamie Shaw Chaos by Jamie Shaw 

#1 ~ Mayhem: EbookPaperback • AudibleGoodreads
#2 ~ Riot: Ebook • Paperback • AudibleGoodreads
#3 ~ Chaos: Ebook • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
#4 ~ Havoc: EbookPaperback • Goodreads

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Jamie ShawA resident of South Central Pennsylvania, JAMIE SHAW‘s two biggest dreams in life were to be a published author and to be a mom. Now, she’s living both of those dreams and loving every minute of it. When she’s not spending time with her husband and their young son, she’s writing novels with relatable heroines and swoon-worthy leading men. With her MS in Professional Writing and a passion for all things romance, her goal is always to make readers laugh, cry, squirm, curse, and swoon their pants off, all within the span of a single story. She loves interacting with readers, and she always aims to add new names to their book boyfriend lists.

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Goodreads

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Review + Giveaway: Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis

Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #3 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: January 24th 2017
Links: EbookHardcover • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

There’s no such thing as a little in love…

Elle Wheaten’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . .

There’s no such thing as a little in lust…

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. But now that she’s earned happiness and success, Archer just wants Elle 24/7. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco Earthquake, and Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as…

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along…

I freaking ADORED this book!! I was in the mood for a feel-good contemporary romance, which Jill Shalvis definitely delivered. This is only my second book by her, and my first in the Heartbreaker Bay series, but I’m thinking I need to read the rest of this series and more from her backlist… asap! Gah, this book was seriously so sweet and funny. I swooned over Elle and Archer’s story. If you’re ever in the mood for a romance that will totally put a smile on your face, you need to get your hands on Accidentally on Purpose!

Elle used to have a crush on Archer, which started back when he saved her when she was a teenager, but she’s been trying to find other men to get over him. It doesn’t help that now, years later, they’re working in such close environments that a day can’t go by without seeing each other. They have a brilliant chemistry between them – they get on each others’ nerves, they’re the only ones that can rile the other up, and they definitely want each other. Archer has tried to stay away from Elle for her sake, but watching her date men that aren’t good enough for her and will never be good enough for her is starting to break him. So he decides to take matters into his own hands and give her the man she needs… himself.

God. He already couldn’t remember what it’d been like before her. He’d thought everything was great in his life but then he’d been thrown a curveball in the form of this gorgeous, passionate woman who he suddenly couldn’t get enough of.
Which made it official. He was hers, completely. “You’re beautiful, Elle,” he said, pressing tight against her. “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Elle is such a fantastic heroine! Her stubbornness and strength had my admiration, and her banter with Archer had me giggling and dying for more. Anytime these two characters were together on the pages, I honestly couldn’t stop smiling. They are ADORABLE together – they just don’t realize it. 😉 Their friends had me cracking up as well – I definitely need to get on reading the other couples’ books soon!

The easiest way to make me happy with a book is to give me a hero who works hard to win the heroine’s love, and Archer did just that. He’s a little gruff and just as stubborn as Elle… but the way he worshipped Elle had me having hearts in my eyes. If you’re a fan of well-written, funny, feel-good romances, I highly recommend you pick up this book. Accidentally on Purpose was such a fantastic read – I’m really hoping Jill Shalvis’ other books are like this one, because if so, I’m going to love them all!

“You’re gorgeous,” he said reverently. “The best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He met her gaze. “I’ve never wanted anything or anyone the way I want you.”

4.5 hearts

Reading Order: Heartbreaker Bay series


#1 ~ Sweet Little Lies: EbookHardcover • PaperbackAudible • Goodreads
#2 ~ The Trouble with Mistletoe: EbookHardcover • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
#3 ~ Accidentally on Purpose: EbookHardcover • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads

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ARC Review: Hell Breaks Loose by Sophie Jordan

Hell Breaks Loose by Sophie Jordan
Series: Devil’s Rock #2 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: July 26th 2016
Links: Ebook • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Hell hath no hunger like a man let out of a cage . . .

Shy and awkward, First Daughter Grace Reeves has always done what she’s told. Tired of taking orders, she escapes her security detail for a rare moment of peace. Except her worst nightmare comes to life when a ruthless gang of criminals abducts her. Her only choice is to place her trust in Reid Allister, an escaped convict whose piercing gaze awakens something deep inside her. Reid is nothing like her other captors.

He’s tougher, smarter…and one blistering look from him makes her hotter than any man ever has.

Reid spent years plotting escape and revenge . . .years without a woman in his bed. For this hardened felon, Grace Reeves isn’t just out of his league—she’s from another planet, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Escaping Devil’s Rock was tough, but resisting this woman could be the end of him. For a man with nothing to lose, protecting her . . . claiming her as his own, becomes more necessary than his next breath.

I’d been excited for Hell Breaks Loose since I really enjoyed the first Devil’s Rock book, All Chained Up! While I didn’t like this second book quite as much as the first, it’s still a fairly good suspenseful, action-filled steamy romance. I love the idea of the heroes being ex-convicts – although technically, Reid is still a convict… just an escaped one. 😉

Grace Reeves is the daughter of the President, and her life with her political father has been anything but fun. She has no freedom and no social life – so one day, she decides to escape it all. But she must have terrible luck, because instead of freedom, she finds herself kidnapped and held hostage by a gang.

When Reid Allister escapes prison and is on the run to find his younger brother, the last thing he expects is for his brother and the bad gang he got involved with to have kidnapped the President’s daughter. Prison may have tainted his soul, but Reid would never hurt a woman, and somehow finds himself to be Grace’s protecter, unbeknownst to the gang. They think Reid will be delivering her to their boss, but Reid will make sure that no harm comes to her.

The chemistry between Reid and Grace is definitely my favorite part of the story. From the moment they meet, they feel a connection with each other, despite their reluctance. Grace doesn’t want to fall for her dark and dangerous kidnapper, and Reid doesn’t want to fall for anyone, much less the President’s daughter. But while I liked the passion they have for each other, I did feel that the romance was a bit too Stockholm Syndrome-y for my taste.

One other problem I had with this book was that it was really, really slow. I grew a little bored at times and had to skim to parts with more action or romance. If you have a lot of patience with your romances or you love slow-burn, you’ll probably enjoy this more, but I think I just wasn’t in the mood for something slow when I read Hell Breaks Loose. Nonetheless, I did enjoy some parts of it, and if you were a fan of the first book in the Devil’s Rock series, you’ll probably enjoy this too.

3 hearts

Reading Order: Devil’s Rock series


#1 ~ All Chained Up: My Review • EbookPaperbackAudible • Goodreads
#2 ~ Hell Breaks Loose: Ebook • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads


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Blog Tour + Early Review & Giveaway: Smolder by Karen Erickson

Blog Tour Smolder

Welcome to today’s stop on the blog tour for Smolder by Karen Erickson!

Smolder by Karen Erickson
Series: Wildwood #2 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: June 21st 2016
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Lane Gallagher wants Delilah Moore—bad.

He’s imagined the sexy brunette in his bed more times than he can count.

She’s everything he’s ever wanted, but the only problem is . . .

She’s his brother’s ex.

For years, the stoic sheriff’s deputy has fantasized about the sweet, bubbly dance teacher who stirs his deepest desires. But Lane’s too loyal to ever move in on forbidden territory and he knows that while he can look, he definitely can’t touch. Fighting his attraction to Delilah is nearly impossible, but the infuriating—and incredibly sexy—woman seems determined to drive him crazy.

And she’s bringing him to his knees. One smoldering kiss at a time.

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After reading Ignite, I’d been so excited for Lane and Delilah’s story. It was set up perfectly in the first book – Lane is Delilah’s best friend’s older brother, and the two of them have a huge crush on each other, but they can’t act on it. I had high hopes for Smolder… but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a quick, enjoyable read, but I didn’t love it like I wanted. It just had so much more potential to be better. But if you’re a fan of the first book, you’ll definitely want to know how Lane and Delilah end up together!

What was wrong with a little kiss? He just wanted a taste. One taste of sweet, sexy Delilah, something he’d never experienced before. The girl who haunted his dreams. The girl who was too good for him. The girl who’d bee with one Gallagher man and didn’t need another one to come into her life and fuck it up, as Gallagher men were known to do.

I love my men in uniform, but add in a sexy broodiness and I’m hooked. Lane is the perfect example of this, and again, he had so much potential… but when he’s so determined NOT to be with Delilah, my love for him fizzled out. I want my alpha heroes to be possessive, to be head over heels for his woman and not let anything get in the way of that, but Lane was sadly the total opposite. I grew frustrated with him – despite how much he wanted Delilah, he kept pushing her away because he didn’t think he was good enough for her.

Delilah, thankfully, is a much more likable character. I loved her spunk and fire, especially her determination to win over the man she’s in love with. I admired how she never gave up on Lane, even when it seemed like she totally should’ve. The chemistry was also a plus in this book – Delilah and Lane are absolutely smokin’ together! All that build-up of the long-term tension and longing exploded in the hottest way. Karen Erickson knows how to write steam, which is fitting given the title of the book 😉

Overall, I liked this book, but I did have my frustrations with it. Smolder was engaging and entertaining, and I do love the small town the author has created in Wildwood. Other than Lane, I really enjoyed reading about everything else, and I’m even more excited to read the next book! The author certainly knows how to hook a reader in by setting up the next couple’s book. I can’t wait to read about Wren and Tate!

“I’m a grumpy asshole no one wants to be around if I don’t have you. I’ve denied my feelings for far too long and I’m done. I need you, Dee. I need you in my life. I don’t want to lose you.”

3.5 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Reading Order: Wildwood series


#1 ~ Ignite: My Review • Ebook • PaperbackGoodreads
#2 ~ Smolder: EbookPaperback • Goodreads (June 21, 2016)
#3 ~ Torch: EbookGoodreads (Aug. 16, 2016)

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USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read – sexy contemporary romance. Published since 2006, she’s a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

She also writes new adult romance as NYT & USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy.

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Goodreads • Newsletter

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Review: Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

Ride Hard by Laura Kaye
Series: Raven Riders #1 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: April 26th 2016
Links: Ebook • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders…

Raven Riders Motorcycle Club President Dare Kenyon rides hard and values loyalty above all else. He’ll do anything to protect the brotherhood of bikers–the only family he’s got–as well as those who can’t defend themselves. So when mistrustful Haven Randall lands on the club’s doorstep scared that she’s being hunted, Dare takes her in, swears to keep her safe, and pushes to learn the secrets overshadowing her pretty smile.

Haven fled from years of abuse at the hands of her criminal father and is suspicious of any man’s promises, including those of the darkly sexy and overwhelmingly intense Ravens’ leader. But as the powerful attraction between them flares to life, Dare pushes her boundaries and tempts her to want things she never thought she could.

The past never dies without a fight, but Dare Kenyon’s never backed down before…

I don’t read MC romances that often, which is a shame because I enjoy them so much! There’s always something so gritty and addicting about MC reads, and that description can definitely apply to Laura Kaye’s Hard Ride. It’s the first book in a brand new series, featuring the Raven Riders MC, a club dedicated to helping those who can’t protect themselves. It’s a suspenseful, sexy read that gripped me – it’s a little slow at times, but otherwise, this is a solid first installment to the Raven Riders series.

After escaping from her father’s abusive control, Haven and her best friend Cora have taken shelter with the Raven Riders. Unfortunately, her father is still out to get her, posting a large bounty for finding Haven and bringing her back to him. Haven has lived a very sheltered life, so all these tough bikers, regardless of how they would never harm her, are a little intimidating. But one man makes her feel different and fires her up like no other. Dare makes her feel safe, protected, and wanted. She’s had very little experiences in life, but with Dare, she finds that she wants to experience all of life… with him.

Dare is the president of the Raven Riders, a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly. He’s vowed to make his club legitimate, but that doesn’t mean that he and his men aren’t deadly. He’s alpha, honorable, loyal, and intense, and he’ll do anything for those under his protection. Sweet and innocent Haven brings out his protective instincts even more, and even though he shouldn’t get involved with her, he can’t help but want her. And soon enough, as his feelings for her deepen, he’ll have to do whatever it takes to make sure her father never harms her again.

“Oh, Haven,” he said, “you have no idea what I’d be willing to do for you if you wanted me to.”

Ride Hard was surprisingly sweet, with all the tender moments between Dare and Haven. But even with all the sweet moments, this book is hot too, so if you love steamy romances, you should definitely check it out. I really enjoyed this one – I didn’t completely love it, since I didn’t connect that well with the main characters, and the story moved too slowly at times, but I still had so much fun reading this story. If you love slow burn, suspenseful MC romances, I recommend Ride Hard!

3.5 hearts

Reading Order: Raven Riders series


#1 ~ Ride Hard: Ebook • Paperback • Audible • Goodreads
#2 ~ Ride Rough: EbookPaperbackGoodreads (April 25, 2017)


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