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A Little Too Hot Review Tour

A Little Too Hot by Lisa Desrochers

A Little Too Hot by Lisa Desrochers
Series: A Little Too Far #3 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: January 21st 2014
Purchase: Amazon • Barnes & Noble • iBooks
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher (William Morrow Impulse) in exchange for an honest review

From USA Today bestselling author Lisa Desrochers comes the third book in her sizzling new adult series.

If you play with fire …

Tossed out of college and cut off by her parents, Samantha West is in pretty dire straits. So when her rocker best friend hooks her up with a job dancing at a gentlemen’s club, who is she to turn it down? Plus, there are rules to dancing at Benny’s: No touching, keep your clothes on at all times, and never get closer than three feet. Unfortunately for Sam, her first private client makes her want to break every single one of them.

Harrison Yates is scorching hot, but he’s got a past that involves being left at the altar not too long ago. Sam is determined to make him forget about his ex, but when she makes her move, it flings her life into a spiral of chaos she never saw coming. Because Harrison Yates isn’t who he seems to be. And his secret will probably get her killed.

“Every page is deliciously breathtaking, wickedly sexy and sensational. A LITTLE TOO HOT is wonderfully unique and a LOT HOT! I am a HUGE Lisa Desrochers fan.”

— KATY EVANS, New York Times bestselling author of REAL

“Lisa is brilliant at creating sizzling sexual tension and impossible circumstances that make the reader hold their breath all the way to happy ever after. Sam and Harrison are more than A Little Too Hot, they are scorching!”

— JAY CROWNOVER, New York Times bestselling author of RULE

“Lisa Desrochers’ best yet! A LITTLE TOO HOT is hotter than hot with all the emotional punch to back it up!”

— SOPHIE JORDAN, New York Times bestselling author

A Little Too Hot is my favorite so far of the series! Lisa Desrochers gives us another exciting, sexy book in this fantastic series. It went in such a different direction than I expected, and I loved that! To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling it in the first 25% of the book. There was nothing really new or special about ALTH, but then PLOT TWIST! The book took such a drastic turn, and it really perked me up, and I started enjoying the book more and more. So for those who feel like giving up in the beginning of the book, don’t! You have to finish because you’re in for a wild ride–there’s tons of action, sexual tension, and thrills!

Samantha was introduced in the first book of the series as Lexie’s best friend who was in love with Trent, Lexie’s step-brother and now fiancé (yeah–long story). After Trent broke up with Sam to be with Lexie, Sam just kept spiraling down–she loses her best friend, she parties harder and harder, she gets kicked out of school, she gets kicked out by her mother and she has nowhere to live. But her friend Jonathan ends up hooking her up a job as a dancer. She’s not a stripper, but she does dance provocatively for men.

On her first dance, Sam totally kills it–because there’s a man who catches her eye who’s watching her. She wants impress him, and she does. His name is Harrison, and he is hot hot hot! Sam has never felt the way she feels about Harrison before, not even when she was in love with Trent. Harrison makes her feel alive and sexy. They talk and get to know each other more and more, but there’s always an underlying tension between them. It’s obvious the two want more, but Sam’s job has a hands-off policy with clients, and Harrison is one.

Here I was smoothly going along reading this book, not really loving it, but not hating it either, when out of the blue, Lisa Desrochers completely pulls the rug out from under me and shocks the hell out of me! There is a MAJOR plot twist that I absolutely didn’t see coming! Props to the author for the fantastic, surprising twist! This was when the book really captured my attention and had me hooked. I don’t want to spoil anything, because the shock from the twist is just so jaw-dropping and you never see it coming! Loved this part of the book!

Everything started picking up after this–we learn who Harrison really is and the action in the book intensifies immensely. Sam is thrust unknowingly into an even more crappy circumstance, and I totally admired her for her continuous strength and snark. She’s a stubborn, feisty, energetic girl, and she develops into someone even stronger. She’s quirky, likable, and relatable, and a wonderful heroine.

Harrison is delish! I loved the sexual tension between him and Sam, and I loved how they couldn’t really act on their feelings quite yet. Lisa Desrochers does an incredible job building up the tension and intensity between these two characters. Harrison is a perfect match for Sam–he doesn’t back down from her stubbornness, he’s tough when he needs to be, but he’s also got a softer, sweeter side to him as well. Sam and Harrison have to spend a lot of time together, and I loved how the romance between them built up slowly. They don’t immediately jump into bed together even though they want to. They can feel a connection between them, and they grow to care for each other so much, even though they shouldn’t. They’re my favorite couple of the series!

A Little Too Hot is hot, funny, and full of thrills. You won’t be able to put it down after that crazy plot twist, and you won’t want to! The book is fast-paced, the action and twists are so well done, the romance is sweet and sexy, and it easily became my favorite of the series.

4 hearts

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You can read the first 3 chapters of A Little Too Hot here!

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about the author

Lisa DesrochersLISA DESROCHERS is the USA Today bestselling author of the A Little Too Far series, courtesy of HarperCollins, and the young adult Personal Demons trilogy from Macmillan. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two very busy daughters, and Shini the tarantula. Find her online at, on Twitter at @LisaDez, and on Facebook at

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