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I’m so excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for BREAK THE SKY by Nina Lane!! This was such fabulous book to read–and it comes out on July 29, only 4 more days!

Break the Sky by Nina Lane

Title: Break the Sky
Author: Nina Lane
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 18 +
Publish Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: Snow Queen Publishing
ISBN: 0990532461 (ISBN13: 9780990532460)
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“Do you ever let go, storm girl?” he asked. “Ever lose control? Ever surrender?”
“Never,” I whispered. “I never surrender.”
A smile of both promise and warning curved his beautiful mouth.
“You will.”

Atmospheric scientist Kelsey March is under siege. Her tornado research project is on the skids and she’s fighting conflict in her university department. So when irresistible bad boy Archer West suggests a hot, wild fling while he’s in town, Kelsey is unable to resist his sexy offer.

Kelsey and Archer embark on a intense, exhilarating affair. But soon their differences and private battles encroach on their desire, and Kelsey discovers she is caught in a storm she can’t control…

BREAK THE SKY is a standalone Spiral of Bliss spin-off novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane.

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I’m a bit in love with Nina Lane’s writing, so when I found out she was writing another book, of course I had to read it! And it sold me even more that Break the Sky is a spinoff of the Spiral of Bliss series, which I adore. The heroine is Kelsey March, professor at King’s University, and friend of Dean West (from the Spiral of Bliss series). The hero is Dean’s younger brother, Archer, the quintessential bad boy. The two of them meet and it’s, in a word, explosive. I absolutely loved how their story played out, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect journey for Kelsey and Archer.

The book is told through Archer and Kelsey’s POVs, which made the experience so much better. I loved being inside both of their heads–they are two complete opposites, but somehow, together they’re perfect.

Kelsey and Archer have an explosive chemistry that heats up the pages so easily. Archer wants to pursue this chemistry, see how their physical attraction plays out, but Kelsey is reserved.

Kelsey is a headstrong, intelligent, sexy woman who’s stubborn and definitely not shy. It took me a while to warm up to her, actually, which surprised me because normally she’s the kind of heroine I’d adore from the start. But it was her stubbornness that made it hard for me to love her at first, though I definitely loved her in the end. She’s very hostile to Archer–she flat-out refuses to have anything to do with him at first, but Archer isn’t deterred, which only made him even more sexy to me. But… since Kelsey can’t get Archer out of her mind, she finally agrees to give in to Archer.

And holy hell, Archer!!! He is utter perfection!!

Archer is pretty much sex incarnate. Seriously, he makes my brain stop for a bit because of how ridiculously hot he is. It’s not just that he’s the ‘bad boy’ who’s fiercely independent and can never settle down for long. It’s the fact that he’s trying make amends with his brother, and make himself a better person–for himself, for Kelsey. It’s the sweet side that he shows Kelsey, the one that shows how much he grows to care for her. Archer warmed and broke my heart so many times throughout the book, because all he wants is a place to belong and there are so many dimensions to him, so much depth, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

I wondered how he could seem both whole and broken at the same time. He was like a painting whose varnish had cracked over time and yet was all the more beautiful because of the damage.

The first half of the story was good. I enjoyed it. But it was the second half of the book that sealed the deal for me. I fell head over heels in love with the second half. This is where I finally felt that emotional connection between Archer and Kelsey. Archer brings out the vulnerable side of Kelsey–she’s always tough and stubborn, but it was so sweet to see how Archer breaks down her walls. They share so many tender moments together that it’s so obvious that the two of them are falling in love.

“Don’t be scared, storm girl,” he said. “I’ll protect you.”

And oh. my. gosh. Did I mention how insanely HOT Archer is? Two words. Dirty. Talk. Archer is that sex-on-a-stick, panty-melting kind of man, and when he’s in bed? I have no words. I was honestly fanning myself anytime Archer opened his mouth. Good dirty talkers do me in so easily, and Archer is an excellent one. And I just love how alpha-maley he gets over Kelsey! *Sigh*

The word flared in my mind. I’d never had anything that was really mine. Even my family hadn’t been mine. But Kelsey… I would never think of her any other way.

This book is just the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. Both Kelsey and Archer have so much depth, and I applaud Nina Lane for creating these characters that I grew to love so much. So much emotion is packed into this book–it was an exhilarating, intense, beautiful book to read. Nina Lane fans, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It was an absolute joy to read Break the Sky.

Archer was a storm, no doubt, one who electrified and consumed me, but he was also every part of the storm. He was the calm right in the center of it. He was the blue sky behind the clouds. He was the sheltering place where I could crawl into safety.

3 hearts for the first half of the book and 5 hearts for the second so… 4 hearts!

4 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Break the Sky is spinoff of the Spiral of Bliss series, featuring Archer West’s brother Dean and Dean’s wife Liv. As Break the Sky is a standalone, you don’t have to read the Spiral of Bliss series, but I’d still highly recommend it! It’s one of the most beautiful romances I’ve ever read.

You can get Arouse, the first book of the series for FREE for a limited time! See below for the links.

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about the author

Nina Lane

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances and spicy erotica. Originally from California, she loves traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Nina also spent many years in graduate school studying art history and library sciences.

Although she would go back for another degree if she could because she’s that much of a bookworm, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer. Nina’s novel The Erotic Dark hit #1 on Amazon’s Erotica Bestseller list.  Spice Box box set which included Arouse was #6 on the New York Times Bestseller list and #13 in USA Today.

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  1. Lacey, thank you so much for participating in the Literati Author Services blog tour – I’m so glad to know you enjoyed Break and Sky (especially Archer!) and so appreciate your time and support! -Nina

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