Early Review: Last Light by M. Pierce

Last Light by M. Pierce

Last Light by M. Pierce
Series: The Night Owl Trilogy #2 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: October 28th 2014
Purchase: Ebook • Paperback
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher (St. Martin’s Griffin) in exchange for an honest review

Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper—and hotter—in Last Light, the second novel of the Night Owl Trilogy from bestselling author M. Pierce.

Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead.

Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret: she knows Matt is alive. After Matt’s memorial service, she lingers on the East Coast with his family, but it soon becomes clear that his brothers’ motives are less than gracious. Nate Sky is bent on tracking down the author of Night Owl, a book that charts the last days of Matt’s life with uncanny and scandalous accuracy, and which appeared only after his death. Seth Sky is bent on getting Hannah into his bed.

Hidden away in the woods, Matt and Hannah strive desperately to maintain their ruse and their relationship—but their web of lies only tightens as Matt struggles with the consequences of his decision, and Hannah tries to escape Nate’s libel suit and fend off Seth’s advances…until Hannah is put in danger, and Matt must make a life or death choice.

Eeep!!! I am just SO happy with Last Light. I honestly had no idea what direction the author would take Matt and Hannah (I mean just look at that blurb!), but I’m really glad overall with the way things went. Last Light is an exceptionally well-written second book in the Night Owl trilogy. Usually, second books seem to be mostly filler, but this one really fleshed out Matt and Hannah’s relationship. For the fans of Night Owl – Last Light is a heart-pounding, hot and dirty sequel that you don’t want to miss!

At the end of Night Owl, Matt has lost all sense of anonymity – his privacy, the thing he values most above all others, is obliterated. And then that WTF epilogue: Matt Sky is dead… except he’s not? The world seems to the think Matt, otherwise known as the famous author, M. Pierce, has died, but Hannah knows differently. She knows differently because she and Matt have concocted a plan to make the world believe Matt died – and it works. But now that they’re living a life of lies and deceit, can their relationship survive?

“I want to be with you. I want to be inside you. For hours. Here, by the fire. I need you like that . . .”

There are only two things Matt needs in life: to be able to write in peace and Hannah. There is no doubt about Matt and Hannah’s chemistry – they’ve got it in spades. If anything, it seemed like they were even hotter in Last Light, because they don’t get to be around each other all the time, with Matt in hiding and Hannah having to pretend Matt is dead. Hannah and Matt are living separately and they can’t be together or have sex whenever they want, which just amps up the sexual tension between them. But when the weekends come and they can finally get together, holy hell….

Matt’s desire seemed to suck the sound out of the room, and the breath out of my body. And he was only staring. I peeked at him through my lashes.
The look I found on his face is with me forever. It was need mingled with satisfaction. A hunger in his eyes, a thin smile on his lips.
Matt wanted me, and Matt already had me. I was his.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s been a while since I’ve read Night Owl and I’ve forgotten how Matt is, but Matt… is even DIRTIER in Last Light!? Like holy shit, the things he says in this book. It’s hot, dirty, raunchy, sexy, scandalous – it’s like all this buildup from not being able to fuck and make love to Hannah explodes. And I definitely loved it. 😉

There is considerably less sex in Last Light than in Night Owl, but I liked it more that way. Not because I don’t like the sex (trust me, I really, really do) but because it was good to see the dynamics of Hannah and Matt’s relationship without so much sex. I needed to see a change, a development in their relationship, and I got that in Last Light.

Besides Matt being dead to the world, there is also the fact that Night Owl got published. Night Owl, the book that Matt secretly wrote about his and Hannah’s love story and had no intention of publishing. And we also get to see more of Matt’s brothers, Nate and Seth. Nate is the good doctor that Hannah can lean on, while Seth is the complete opposite. Seth is wild and tempting, and I loved his character, even though he’s an obstacle in Matt and Hannah’s relationship.

Matt isn’t exactly a good guy in this book either. He’s keeping secrets from Hannah, telling her lies, all because he wants her to be with him. But how can a relationship based on lies ever work? I love Matt, but I wanted to throttle him so much – he’s pretty childish at times. I wanted him to grow up and see that his actions have consequences not only to him but to the people around him. Last Light is definitely a book that had my emotions running all over the place.

Last Light was just so. good. It was nothing I expected and everything I grew to enjoy. And there’s SO MUCH going on! My heart was racing between Matt’s fake death, Night Owl getting published, and Nate and Seth. There’s not a dull moment in Last Light, and now I can’t freaking WAIT for After Dark!

“Always,” he whispered. “You feel it, to, don’t you? You always want me, I always want you. We belong together, Hannah.”

4 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Reading Order: The Night Owl Trilogy

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Night Owl by M. Pierce Last Light by M. Pierce After Dark by M. Pierce

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