ARC Review + SIGNED GIVEAWAY: The Mason List by S.D. Hendrickson

The Mason List by S.D. Hendrickson

The Mason List by S.D. Hendrickson
Series: Standalone
Publication Date: January 10th 2015
Purchase: Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

An epic love. An epic hate. An epic story that would last a lifetime.

Today, 8:15 p.m.
I hurt. I hurt so deeply, I felt the pain searing in my bones and jabbing like a hot poker into my heart. I knew nothing would make it better as the memories pulled from the crevices of my mind, detailing the bad and the ugly, filling my thoughts with regret as I slipped into the darkness. . .

When I was eight, my mother was dying of cancer, my father lost his job, and the bank kicked us out of our house. I was forced to move to the strange town of Arlis, Texas where my father and I slept in our car in the hospital parking lot. Desperate and hopeless, we lived on fumes of our former life.

Then one night, everything changed forever. A knock on the car window brought a family into my life that I only wanted to shut out. I hated charity and I hated the Masons. Well, except one. He made it impossible to hate him.

Jess Mason had the biggest blue eyes and ornery smile of any boy I had ever seen. He was a ray of sunshine in my dark world. A boy full of adventure, dragging me across the meadow of Sprayberry Ranch; a beautiful Texas paradise full of horses and tree houses that got us into more trouble than anyone ever imagined.

Jess was my everything as a kid until we grew up and the rules changed. Instead of living happily ever after with a boy full of love. . . I destroyed it.
Alex Tanner

An epic love. An epic hate. An epic story that would last a lifetime.

Oh my goodness!! The Mason List is one EPIC love story of a book!! You all HAVE to give it a try – it’s the kind of book that wrings out SO MANY EMOTIONS out of you!! I was exhausted in the best way by the end of the novel. It. Was. Brilliant!

The Mason List begins with an eight-year-old girl named Alex who has been dealt a rough hand in life. She’s had to grow up fast – her mother is dying of cancer and her father has lost his job and their home. Alex and her father are essentially homeless, and just when it seems all hope is lost, the Mason’s come in and save their lives. Alex owes everything to the Masons… and she hates that she does. The more the Masons give to the Tanners – food, a home, a job, a life – the more Alex resents them.

The one good thing that comes from the Masons is Jess Mason. Jess, who is sweet and kind and thoughtful and playful, who offers his undying friendship and loyalty. He and Alex soon become as close as childhood friends can be and they build the foundations of their friendship that would last a lifetime.

Spending time with Jess made the days pass with bursts of happiness. Those days kept me from falling completely into a black hole. The years of anger and sadness crept into my pale skin like a stain that refused to go away. I think that is why the idea of Jess felt so appealing. He was like sunlight to my dreary cloud.

S.D. Hendrickson’s writing is phenomenal. I loved how easily the author was able to suck me into the story. I quickly became immersed in Alex and Jess’s beautiful friendship. The author wrote in such a lovely way that I could FEEL how their friendship developed and how much they grew to love and care for one another. They are truly the best of friends… until Jess makes Alex realize that they could be so much more.

“We’ve got somethin’ that people look for their whole lives. We just found it when we were eight.”

Jess’s love for Alex is clear as day, but my heart hurt for him because Alex is adamantly against forming any sort of relationship except friendship. Alex is a stubborn and sometimes infuriating character – I wanted to shake her and open her eyes towards the fact that what she and Jess could have would be beautiful. But because of how much she owes her life to the Masons, Alex won’t get involved with Jess, no matter how much he meant to her.

I needed him. I needed him the way I needed air; a little bit every day just to survive in this dark world.

Ohh, the angst. The angst was so incredibly well written that my heart and stomach were aching throughout much of the novel. Jess doesn’t give up on Alex – he is a steadfast constant in her life, freely giving his love, friendship, and support throughout the many years, but there’s only so much rejection and hurt he can take from Alex. Alex is frustrating, no doubt, but even when I should have hated her, all I felt was compassion and pity.

My heart was put through the wringer – it’s a roller coaster of emotions with the highs and lows in this book. Alex and Jess both love each other but they both hurt each other. And yet… I never gave up on them. Because theirs is the kind of love that is true and epic and only comes once. The author managed to perfectly illustrate what soulmates are through Alex and Jess. The Mason List is a heavy, heart-wrenching book, but the end left me breathless and full of smiles. I was swept away by the epic romance and storytelling – I highly recommend The Mason List for those who love an unforgettable story.

He would always be my boy. My happiness. My sunshine. My forever.

My rating: 4 hearts for the characters and 5 hearts for the story – 4.5 hearts!

4.5 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.


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15 thoughts on “ARC Review + SIGNED GIVEAWAY: The Mason List by S.D. Hendrickson

  1. I have read it, and it kept me up til very early in the morning. I loved it, it was amazing, it squeezed my heart, made me cry.

  2. So… I couldn’t resist the one-click button and I’m almost finished (it’s one of those books you just can’t put down) and OMG! ALL THE FEELS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ It’s so beautifully written and my heart hurts! Alex and Jess’s love story is phenomenal and The Mason List is hands-down an all-time favorite and definitely a top read for 2015! Thank you so much for a chance to win a signed copy of this amazing book! 🙂 It’s definitely a must-have on my bookshelf to treasure and hold! ♥

  3. I’ve read Bright Side (which is hard to top) and many people who read that book said that The Mason List was just as Amazing! Now I’m super excited, I wanna read it so much!

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