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Welcome to today’s stop on the blog tour for The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare! We have Jessica here today for an author interview!

Author Interview: Jessica Clare

Hi Jessica! I’m so happy to have you on the blog – I’m such a huge fan!

Thank you! Happy to be here! ☺

The Taming of the Billionaire is the second book in your new Billionaires and Bridesmaids series. Tell us a little about it!

Since Billionaires and Bridesmaids is a look at our heroes and heroines from the first books getting married and their friends, we’re moving on to Gretchen and Hunter’s impending wedding. Edie is one of Gretchen’s college friends and a cranky cat lady. Magnus is a business associate and groomsman to Hunter, and the two hate each other at first sight. Which of course, turns into lust (because this is romance!).

What was the inspiration for The Taming of the Billionaire?

Netflix! Specifically, the show ‘My Cat From Hell’. I thought Jackson Galaxy’s job as a ‘cat behaviorist’ was interesting, and I tried to imagine a heroine with a similar type job. Of course, because so many things are gendered, a guy with a cat job is ‘quirky’ while a woman with a cat job is a ‘cat lady’. So I inspired to make her the crankiest, most non-shit-taking cat lady there is. As for the hero, Magnus, I’m addicted to a few games on my phone (Puzzles and Dragons!!) and saw that Minecraft had been sold for a billion to Microsoft and the concept for that hero sort of spun into my “I’d like to do a Taming of the Shrew” concept that I was working around. Which probably sounds like a hot mess but trust me! It works!

What was your favorite part about writing The Taming of the Billionaire?

Edie! She was so unapologetically a pain in the ass that I loved writing her.

How do you like working on a new series now that the Billionaire Boys Club series (which I love!) is finished?

Well, I do miss my boys! Which is why they’re not so far away from this group. They’re going to be dropping in quite a bit on these characters. ☺

In what ways is the new series different from the Billionaire Boys Club series?

We’re going to see a lot of new characters from different walks of life stepping in, and there’s a very big wedding focus. Book 1 was Bronte and Logan’s resort wedding. Books 2-5 will be hitting Gretchen and Hunter’s wedding party, because you know things just won’t go smoothly! After that, I’m going to swing back around to either Audrey or Maylee’s nuptials!

What’s the best part about writing about billionaires?

The playground – there’s no limit to the ‘big’ gestures the hero can make when money is no object. That’s fun. ☺

Can you tell us about your different pen names and how it all works out?

Jessica Sims is shifter romances, Jessica Clare is erotic contemporary, and Jill Myles is a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink! The names were all because of publishing reasons. I started as Jill Myles and then my numbers weren’t so hot, so they ‘recreated’ me as Jessica Sims. Then when I went to Berkley, we started a new pen name to differentiate things, so Jessica Clare was born.

What was your favorite book to write and why?

It’s usually the last one I just wrote because it’s DONE. But I have to admit I have a special soft spot in my heart for Reese & Audrey’s book, and Cade & Kylie’s.

What kind of heroine/hero do you love to read about?

Bickery ones! I think because I love the snappy banter.

What are you currently working on? Is there exciting news you can share?

We’re in talks for more books but I don’t have news yet! Maybe I will by the time this posts!

Thank you so much for the interview, Jessica!

The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare
Series: Billionaires and Bridesmaids #2 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: July 21st 2015
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The New York Times bestselling author of The Billionaire and the Virgin returns with a tale of Shakespearean-style seduction…

Edie’s an overbearing cat behaviorist who’s not big on people. Magnus is a newly-rich game developer who likes to be in control. When the two of them meet at Gretchen and Hunter’s masquerade engagement party, the loathing is mutual. Unfortunately for them—and everyone else—they’re in the wedding party together and must deal with each other for the next few months.

But when Magnus’s younger brother falls for Edie’s sister, he begs for his brother’s help in concocting a plan to win her over. If Magnus can keep the prickly Edie occupied, his brother will have time to woo Edie’s sister. Of course, Magnus isn’t interested in the slightest, but Edie is…intriguing. And stubborn. And smart. And sexy. And they might have more in common than they thought.

Before long, it becomes a challenge between the two of them to see who will be tamed first. But how’s Edie going to react when she finds out that Magnus is using her? And how’s Magnus going to handle the fact that he’s fallen for a cat lady?

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The Billionaires and Bridesmaids series is a spinoff series of the Billionaire Boys Club. Though it’s not necessary to read it prior to Billionaires and Bridesmaids, some recurring characters from the older series appear in the new series.

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Jessica ClareJessica Clare is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who writes under three different names. As Jill Myles, she writes a little bit of everything, from sexy, comedic urban fantasy to zombie fairy tales. As Jessica Clare, she writes erotic contemporary romance.

She also has a third pen name (because why stop at two?). As Jessica Sims, she writes fun, sexy shifter paranormals. She lives in Texas with her husband, cats, and too many dust-bunnies. Jill spends her time writing, reading, writing, playing video games, and doing even more writing.

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