Early Review: His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert

His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert

His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert
Series: Out of Uniform #3 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: September 7th 2015
Links: EbookGoodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

He’s never met a challenge he couldn’t take…

Alexis Yeung did everything right….only to watch everything go horribly, horribly wrong. Broken and angry, Alexis high-tails it to Europe, determined to face the world on her own terms and without consequence. Which includes a mind-blowing night with a sexy, scarred stranger.

Except, embittered former pararescuer Luke Jackson isn’t exactly a stranger. He’s supposed to keep an eye on Alexis without her knowing. Ending up in bed together was definitely not the plan. Now he’s chasing her (admittedly hot) ass across Europe, a game of cat and mouse that always ends with the two of them tangled up in the sheets.

Something in their scarred, damaged souls calls to each other. And God help them, the sex is unbelievably hot. But if Alexis discovers who Luke really is, he’ll lose the one thing that makes him feel whole…

I really enjoyed the previous book in the Out of Uniform series, Falling for His Best Friend, so I was looking forward to reading about Alexis Yeung. While this isn’t my favorite of the series, I still enjoyed reading this fun, sexy, emotional book. The hero had a deliciously dirty mouth – Katee Robert definitely knows hot to write a hot, dirty book.

Alexis has left home to travel all over Europe after finding out about her sister’s pregnancy. She’s happy for her sister, but at the same time devastated since she herself can’t have children after fighting her battle with cancer, the same cancer that took her mother. My heart went out to Alexis and all the pain she’s been through, but I also admired how she took charge of her life by going to Europe to regain some control in her life.

Luke Jackson is called on by an old friend to keep an eye out on Alexis while she’s in Europe. But a leg injury from his time as a pararescuer makes it difficult for Luke to keep up with his charge, to this very alpha-y man’s dismay. Luke and Alexis get off to a very rough start, but they can’t help the hot chemistry between them that explodes when they’re in bed.

He was a battle-scarred old wolf, far more likely to eat her whole than give her the sweet kind of sex she craved.

Luke keeps the fact that he knows who Alexis is and is pretty much babysitting her to himself. He doesn’t ever expect to actually fall for her, but he does. Once they get over their initial rough start and he gets to know her, he doesn’t want their time in Europe to come to an end. But how can they possibly have something more when Luke is keeping his identity a secret?

“I’m saying I want you, all of you, only you. I want you on my cock, in my bed, and in my life.”

I liked this book. It’s a quick read, but packed with a lot of emotions and some hot, dirty-talking sex. Alexis and Luke were well-developed characters I enjoyed reading about. This book is a complete standalone so you don’t need to read the previous books in the series.

3.5 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Reading Order: Out of Uniform series

In Bed with Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert His to Keep by Katee Robert
For for His Best Friend by Katee Robert His Lover to Protect by Katee Robert His to Take by Katee Robert

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#3 ~ His Lover to Protect: EbookGoodreads (Sept. 7, 2015)
#3.5 ~ His to Take: Ebook • Goodreads (Dec. 7, 2015)


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