Audiobook Review: Getting Rough by C.L. Parker

Getting Rough by C.L. Parker
Series: Monkey Business Trio #2 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: January 26th 2016
Length: 8 hours and 22 minutes
Narrated by: Brian Pallino & Muffy Newton
Links: Audible • EbookPaperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

Hotshot San Diego sports agent Shaw Matthews and his sexy professional adversary Cassidy Whalen have gone head-to-head in the boardroom—and the bedroom. Now Shaw has scored a big promotion—but only because Cassidy turned it down and ran off. There are many things he wants when it comes to Cassidy—just not her pity. So Shaw rushes to a small town in Maine to retrieve his dignity—and maybe the woman he’s hungry to claim once more.

Cassidy has pushed herself to the max to realize her career dreams—until a family crisis brings her home. But Shaw isn’t letting Cassidy go that easily. Neither is gorgeous heartthrob Casey Michaels, the childhood sweetheart she left behind—and who now wants to win her back. As the rivalry between the two alpha males intensifies, and Shaw’s seductive moves reach a whole new level of heat, Cassidy has to make a choice. And this time, it’s for the highest stakes of all.

Going into Getting Rough, I didn’t realize it was the second book of a series, but I listened to this audiobook perfectly fine on its own. Cassidy Whalen and Shaw Matthews are sports agents, and also enemies turned lovers. I’m a huge fan of enemies-to-lovers romances, because I absolutely love the part when the characters realize their feelings of hate have turned into love. This second book in the Monkey Business Trio is exactly that, with Cassidy and Shaw recognizing the feelings they’ve developed for each other and trying to make something more out of their relationship. The narrators Brian Pallino and Muffy Newton did a wonderful job at voicing their characters, so this audiobook was all-around so fun and sexy to listen to.

Getting Rough picks up with Shaw running after Cassidy all the way to Maine when she gives up a coveted job position to take care of her family. But when the two of them are staying in Maine for the time being, the charm and quaintness of Cassidy’s hometown starts to get to them and their relationship becomes a lot less volatile than it used to be. Everything is more meaningful between and Shaw has most especially realized how much he wants Cassidy for so much more than just her body. The chemistry is still hotter than ever, and Shaw becomes even more alpha when Cassidy’s ex-boyfriend is introduced and wants her back. Even though there’s a bit of a love-triangle (and even a love-rectangle) going on, this didn’t detract from Shaw and Cassidy’s romance at all, and I was rooting for these two from beginning to end.

I love dual-narrator audiobooks, so listening to Getting Rough was perfect for me. Brian Pallino had a smooth, deep voice that I loved, and Muffy Newton was fantastic at narrating Cassidy’s indecisions about what to do with Shaw and her ex. The narration can make or break an audiobook for me, but I have to say that Brian and Muffy’s narrations are the highlight of this audiobook. I’d definitely listen to other audiobooks that they narrate!

If you love enemies-to-lovers romances, or stories with characters with explosive chemistry who draw a thin line between love and hate, I highly recommend Getting Rough. This book is sexy as hell, and listening to the audiobook only made the steamy scenes hotter. I can’t wait for more from the series!

4 hearts

Reading Order: Monkey Business Trio series


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Here’s an audio excerpt from Getting Rough!


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10 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Getting Rough by C.L. Parker

  1. Oooh I love enemies turned lovers stories and this sounds really great buutt on the other hand I totally despise love triangles and love rectangles! Is this a strong factor in the book or is it the mains’ love story who’s front and centre??

  2. I read this story and loved it. Loved the characters of Cassidy and Shaw and really enjoyed the east coast setting.

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