Early Review: Bidding on the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart

Bidding on the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart
Series: Seattle Bachelors #1 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: March 1st 2016
Links: Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Online, any fantasy is possible. But when virtual lovers decide to meet in real life, the temperature rises-and so do the stakes.

Safety. Anonymity. Invisibility. Those are just a few advantages of Internet “dating.” Even better, as far as Hannah Miller is concerned, is the fact that she can shed all inhibitions without worrying about what he thinks of her figure or her face. “He” is bikerboy357, the man who knows what Hannah likes, and wants her-every night-as much as she wants him. When he asks to meet, Hannah hesitates. But the temptation is too strong. And after one look into his sultry green eyes, there’s no turning back.

Cade MacKenzie’s never met a woman who wasn’t blinded by his billion-dollar net worth, but “JustAGurl456” knows neither his face nor his name. Her words are so smart, sweet, and scorchingly sexy that Cade’s willing to gamble she’ll be just as amazing in person. And she is. But even as every delicious encounter makes Cade want Hannah more, what he wants most is her trust. It’s something all his money can’t buy. And now, Cade will do anything to earn it . . .

I’m a sucker for the occasional billionaire book, so when I read the blurb for Bidding on the Billionaire, I had to read it! Plus, the premise about online lovers sounded amazing, so I was totally on board for this book. Overall, this was pretty much a quick, fun, sexy read, and though I didn’t particularly LOVE it, it’s a good read to pass the time.

Hannah Miller and Cade MacKenzie have been anonymous online lovers for a few months now, and more and more each day they become deeply involved with each other, even though they still haven’t revealed their real names. Hannah is a shy bookstore owner and Cade is a workaholic billionaire. They couldn’t be more different, but one phone call leads to an in-person meeting, and the chemistry between them in real life is just as hot as it is online. So they decide to let themselves indulge in one another for two weeks only – but what happens when they start to fall for each other and they’re both too scarred from their pasts to commit to a relationship?

I had a lot of fun with this book. I didn’t connect with Hannah or Cade, but I enjoyed their characters nonetheless. They’re both good people, but the exes in their lives have left them too emotionally hurt to ever want to put their hearts on the line again. I liked the way these two fell for one another, albeit quickly, and how they soothed each others’ hurts and started to believe in love again. I’d definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for something quick and easy with a hot billionaire hero. 😉

3 hearts

Reading Order: Seattle Bachelors series


#1 ~ Bidding on the Billionaire: Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads (March 1, 2016)
#2 ~ Winning the Billionaire: Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads (June 14, 2016)


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14 thoughts on “Early Review: Bidding on the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart

  1. I’m just done with billionaires. I’m reading some contemporary romance – Jill Shalvis, Marie Force, Penny Reid, Mary Ann Rivers, Ruthie Knox. Small town and ?everyday? romance. Ones that are less easy to categorize.

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