Early Review: Asking for More by Lilah Pace

Asking for More by Lilah Pace

Asking for More by Lilah Pace
Series: Asking for It #2.5 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: March 15th 2016
Links: EbookGoodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

The incendiary author of Begging for It and Asking for It again plunges readers into the shadowy depths of love, pain, pleasure and peril…

How far is too far?

Finally sure of each other’s strength and love, Jonah and Vivienne continue to explore their darkest fantasies together. However, what should be a night of ecstasy takes a dangerous turn, injuring Vivienne. She shrugs off the incident, but Jonah is haunted by it, particularly by the fear that others may believe he abuses her, or even glimpse the truth of their erotic obsession.

Then Jonah receives a call from his younger sister, Rebecca, who’s dealing with trouble of her own in South America. When Vivienne travels with him to aid Rebecca, she learns yet more about his tortured history—and Jonah opens up to Vivienne as never before.

Can Vivienne help Jonah cast off the shadows of his past forever?

Asking for More is a follow-up novella to the Asking for It series. Jonah and Vivienne are back – I loved them in Asking for It, was sadly disappointed with them in Begging for It, but I was still excited nonetheless for this novella. I was hoping Asking for More would answer some questions that I still had when I finished Begging for It, but this novella reads more like a recap of the previous two books than anything. There’s not much new information, so while I loved Lilah Pace’s gorgeous writing, I didn’t really see a point to this novella.

We do not love the desire we share. But we love each other, and together we’re learning how to own this—our rape fantasies—so that they will never again own us.

Vivienne and Jonah are working through the ins and outs of their new relationship, but an accident that leaves Vivienne injured takes them two steps back. Jonah still carries hang-ups over their games, and this accident only stresses out him and their relationship. Add in his sister getting mugged, and Vivienne and Jonah aren’t quite at their HEA just yet.

This novella didn’t really add much to the series. There are some hot sex scenes, but they’re not as intense as the ones in the previous books, Jonah still carries guilt, and there is a LOT of rehash. It almost felt like this novella was meant for someone who hasn’t read the series yet, there’s so much summary and recap. I did enjoy reading this – it was quick and sexy, but there wasn’t much else going for it. If you loved Begging for It and the way that book played out, then I feel like you’d like this novella, but otherwise, Asking for More isn’t a follow-up that’s necessary to read.

“You’ve changed me. You’ve saved me.”

3 hearts

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16 thoughts on “Early Review: Asking for More by Lilah Pace

  1. Too bad that there wasn’t more new material in this novella. I do enjoy a recap-type novella from time to time, but only if there is plenty of new stuff to keep me interested in the story.

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