Review: The Bookworm Box (April 2016)

I’m finally back from school!! And who doesn’t love coming home to books, right? Well, I received a box from The Bookworm Box for review – you have no idea how much I squeed over this cute purple box! Inside, I found two surprise paperbacks and some lovely swag (check out the picks below)!

(I love Mia Sheridan!!!)


A little about The Bookworm Box: it was founded by author Colleen Hoover (one of the best authors and humans ever), and if you sign up for its monthly subscription, you get two signed books, a Bookworm item, and some book swag. The amazing thing about The Bookworm Box is that all profits go to charity (with over $40,000 donated since March 2015)! You can check out the charities they’ve donated to here.

Honestly, there are nothing but great things to say about The Bookworm Box! It’s the perfect way of combining books and charity. Boxes are currently open for purchase now! Thanks so much to Colleen Hoover for the box to review – I’ve been wanting one for a while now, and I’m definitely looking forward to buying one of my own!


The Bookworm Box: April 2016

Signed Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan
Signed Honesty by Seth King
Bookworm Box items (sticker, pen, USB car charger adapter)
Skye Warren button
C.M. Foss magnet
Jennifer McMahon and B. Brumley bookmarks


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5 thoughts on “Review: The Bookworm Box (April 2016)

  1. I haven’t heard of this subscription box yet. I like what came in it, but the most important aspect for me is that the proceeds, ALL OF THEM, go to charity. That’s amazing!

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