Release Day Review: The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker

The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker
Series: The McKays #3 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: August 2nd 2016
Links: Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Desire won’t take no for an answer in The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker

In the small Southern town of McKay’s Treasure, everybody knows that the handsome local police chief, Gideon Marshall, has been carrying a torch for Moira McKay. It’s also no secret that Moira has been rejecting Gideon since…forever. But after an attack from a mysterious stranger bent on taking down the McKay family, Moira becomes filled with distrust toward most men. Now she wonders whether she’s been wrong about Gideon all along—and if it’s not too late to admit him back into her life…and into her bed…

Gideon has finally convinced his wasted heart to give up on Moira, who he’s loved since he was sixteen years old. Moira’s attack changes everything, however—and he vows to protect her. But how much is he willing to risk for a woman who’s always kept him at bay…until now? And is it too late for Moira to tell him that her love for him has always been locked deep in her heart—and he holds the key?

I LOVED the second book in the McKays series, so when I had the chance to read the next book, I couldn’t wait to start it! I also adore second chance romances too, so Gideon and Moira’s story should’ve been perfect for me. But sadly, I just never grew invested in their romance and the suspense/mystery was a little tedious to read. It wasn’t a bad read, but I didn’t love it the way I hoped I would. If you’ve kept up with the series, then you probably want to give this a try, otherwise it’s a little hard to read The Right Kind of Trouble as a standalone.

Moira McKay was Gideon Marshall’s childhood sweetheart, before she ripped his heart out and threw him away. Now in their 30s, they’re still in love with each other, but the years have drifted them too far apart for Moira to ever try to make up for what she did. Gideon is trying to move on with another woman, but when Moira’s life becomes at risk, he’s back in her life once again, unable to resist the only woman he’s ever loved. Will Moira be able to earn his forgiveness – and will Gideon take her back?

Small town romances are usually so sweet, so it was a nice change to read one with a mystery. Unfortunately, the suspense didn’t really have me hooked, so I was mainly focused on Moira and Gideon’s romance, which was a little heartbreaking and angsty. I really liked the hero and was impressed with the way he never stopped loving the heroine, though I was glad he tried to move on after what she put him through. I wish Moira had taken action sooner than she did regarding Gideon – SO many years have gone by, and just now is she trying to win him back. If you haven’t read the previous books in the series, this story might be a little confusing, so I’d definitely recommend reading the books in order. If you have read the series, The Right Kind of Trouble is a fairly good conclusion to the McKay family. I didn’t love it, but I did enjoy seeing how everything ended up!

3 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

Reading Order: The McKays series


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