Audiobook Review: Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley

Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley
Series: Ghosts and Reincarnation #1 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: January 24th 2017
Length: 16 hours and 52 minutes
Narrated by: Abby Craden
Links: Audible • EbookPaperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

Cash Fraser is planning revenge and to get it he needs the perfect woman. So he hires her. Abigail Butler has lost nearly everything in her life and she’s about to lose the home she loves.

Cash meets Abby, who is posing as a paid escort, and the minute he does he knows he’s willing to pay for more than Abby being his pretend girlfriend. A lot more. Abby needs the money or the last thing that links her to her dead family and husband will be gone. The deal is struck but both Cash and Abby get more than they bargained for.

Cash realizes very quickly that Abby isn’t what she seems and while he changes strategies, Abby discovers that Cash’s legacy, Penmort Castle, is like all the tales say – very, very haunted. Making matters worse, the ghost in residence wants her dead.

Abby’s found herself in the battle of her life so she enlists Mrs. Truman, her nosy neighbor, Jenny, her no-nonsense friend, Cassandra McNabb, white witch and clairvoyant with a penchant for wearing scarves (and lots of them), and Angus McPherson, dyed-in-the-wool Scot (which means he hunts ghosts in a kilt) to fight the vicious ghost who has vowed that she will rest at nothing to kill the true, abiding love of the master of Penmort.

The only PNR books I’ve read/listened from Kristen Ashley are her The Three series, which I love, so when I heard her PNR Ghosts and Reincarnation series was coming out in audio, I got so excited! I usually don’t have time to read her looong books, so I’m a big fan of her audiobooks. Penmort Castle is the first standalone in the G&R series, and while I can’t say it was up to the level of The Three books, I can say that I did enjoy it. It’s very light on the PNR, so if you’re not a big fan of that genre but you love KA, this might be the book for you!

Cash Fraser is hell-bent on revenge – he wants to take back ownership of Penmort Castle, which is his by birthright, from his scheming uncle. But as part of his plan of revenge, he needs a woman to pose as his girlfriend. Luckily, or unluckily, Abigail Butler happens to be where Cash is – except he thinks she’s a professional paid escort, which is why he offers her a deal to play pretend-girlfriend. Abby is offended, but she needs the money – the house she inherited from her grandmother is in dire shape, and since the death of her husband, she’s in financial need. So she accepts Cash’s offer, which starts off a whirlwind affair full of passion, secrecy, and an evil ghost.

Though the relationship is fake, the chemistry between Abby and Cash is very real. Soon enough, neither can tell the difference between their feigned and real feelings, because once they’ve gotten to know each other, they want more. But Abby is still hung up over her late husband and feels guilty for wanting another man. Cash’s alpha-male tendencies won’t allow her to feel ashamed over their relationship, because when he wants something, which is Abby, mind, body, and soul, he’ll have it.

I loved Abby Craden’s narration in Until the Sun Falls from the Sky (my review here), but I can’t say that I loved her narration in Penmort Castle. It sounded a little off and awkward, probably because of the British accents in the audiobook. It didn’t flow very well and took me out of my enjoyment at times. This was one of the main reasons why I can’t rate this higher – that and the ghost plot of the story. I almost wished the ghost wasn’t included as part of the book because it was honestly a little boring to listen to.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the romance aspect of this audiobook – it’s classic KA with its feisty, endearing heroine and sexy, alpha-male hero. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Ghosts and Reincarnation series – hopefully they’ll all be out in audio soon!

PENMORT CASTLE is now available on Audible:

3.5 hearts

Reading Order: Ghosts and Reincarnation series


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Audiobook Review: Silver-Tongued Devil by Rosalind James

Silver-Tongued Devil by Rosalind James
Series: Portland Devils #1
Audiobook Publication Date: January 6th 2017
Length: 12 hours and 24 minutes
Narrated by: Tanya Eby
Links: Audible • EbookPaperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

No more wild rides. No more wild side.

Blake Orbison’s pro football career with the Portland Devils may have come crashing to an end, but not calling the signals anymore just gives him more time to devote to his business enterprises, including the latest and greatest: the opening of the Wild Horse Resort in scenic north Idaho. And that other one, too. Blake’s on the marriage track now, and he’s got a game plan. But when he runs into a trespasser leaping from his shoreline boulders into his lake, what’s a good ol’ boy to do but strip down and join her?

Dakota Savage is nobody’s temporary diversion, least of all the man responsible for her family’s semi-desperate circumstances. Some people may think she has a piercing too many, but she’s had more than enough of being called trash in this town. She’s come home to Wild Horse to run her stepfather’s painting business, and any extra time she has goes into creating her stained glass. An overpaid, entitled, infuriating NFL quarterback is no part of her life plan, no matter how sweet he talks. No matter how slow he smiles. No matter what.

This is my first time experiencing any book by Rosalind James and I have to admit, I liked it! The narrator was fantastic, and the romance was sweet and enjoyable. It’s a good start to a new series, one that I’ll probably continue with in audio, especially if Tanya Eby is narrating. If you’re a fan of well-narrated contemporary romances, I’d definitely recommend this audiobook!

Former NFL quarterback-turned millionaire businessman, Blake Orbison is in search of the perfect wife. The injury that caused him to quit football had him reevaluating life and what was most important: family. So he’s set off to create a family of his own, starting with a wife that has certain qualities he has in mind. But when he meets Dakota Savage, skinny dipping in his lake of all things, he finds that what he thought he wanted in a wife wasn’t really what he needed at all.

A stained glass artist, Dakota is the very opposite of what Blake wants in a wife – she’s wild, artistic, outspoken, just wonderfully more and complex with a difficult past. She wants to travel and never settle down. I loved the passion Dakota has inside her. She and Blake complemented each other really well, despite not expecting to find anything meaningful between each other. Their romance developed slowly and genuinely, and I really loved the way they were able to support, encourage, and lean on each other.

I wasn’t a big fan of the suspense regarding Blake’s resort – I more wanted this audiobook to focus more on the romance aspect. I did enjoy the dynamics of Dakota’s family and her relationship with her stepfather, which tugged a bit at my heartstrings. The beginning half of the this had me gripped to the story, but the second half kind of mellowed out a bit for me. I feel like it’s more of an “it’s me, not you” sort of thing, so I’d still recommend Silver Tongued Devil. It’s sweet, slow, if a little predictable, but if you’re in a mood for a feel-good contemporary romance, you should give this a try!

SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL is now available on Audible:

3.5 hearts

Here’s an audio excerpt from Silver-Tongued Devil!


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Audiobook Review: Since I Fell for You by Bella Andre

Since I Fell for You by Bella Andre
Series: New York Sullivans #2; The Sullivans #16 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: January 10th 2017
Length: 8 hours and 48 minutes
Narrated by: Eva Kaminsky
Links: Audible • EbookPaperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

Suzanne Sullivan doesn’t need a bodyguard. After all, she’s one of the most successful digital security specialists in the world―so she can most certainly take care of herself despite the problems she’s been running into lately. Unfortunately, her three brothers don’t agree. So when Mr. Way-Too-Handsome shows up bound and determined to protect her, whether she wants him there or not, sparks definitely start to fly. Because she has absolutely no intention of falling for the bodyguard she never wanted in the first place…

Roman Huson has vowed to do whatever it takes to protect Suzanne Sullivan from harm. And her brothers would kill him for so much as looking at her the wrong way. The only problem is that he’s never been hired to work for anyone so beautiful, or brilliant, before. Between trying to keep up with her―and working like hell to keep from kissing her breathless―he’s up against the most difficult challenge of his life. Especially when it turns out that the passion, and connection, between them is hotter than anything he’s ever known…

I seriously adore Bella Andre’s audiobooks!! Especially The Sullivans series, since they’re narrated by Eva Kaminsky. She’s honestly such an amazing narrator – I could listen to her for days, really. And add in the sweet, wonderful love stories from Bella Andre and you pretty much have the perfect romance audiobooks. If you’re ever in the mood for well-narrated, feel-good romances, you definitely have to check out Bella Andre!

Since I Fell for You is the second book in the New York Sullivans series, starring the sole female in this group of siblings, Suzanne Sullivan. Suzanne is a tech whiz and pretty much a geek of girl doing what she loves and making bank out of it. But being so successful leads to having a high profile, and recent incidents have lead her brothers to believe that she needs a bodyguard. But Suzanne wants nothing to do with having a man on her 24/7, no matter how good-looking he is and how strong the chemistry between them is…

Roman Huson never expected how difficult it would be to be Suzanne Sullivan’s bodyguard, but then again, he never expected to feel such intense attraction to someone he was hired to protect. He can’t let his feelings get in the way of his job, because that would put Suzanne’s life at risk, and he’ll do anything to prevent that. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and how can he resist the one woman who gets under his skin when she turns on the charm and makes him ache for more of her in his life?

If you’ve never experienced one of Bella Andre’s Sullivans books, the New York Sullivans is the perfect place to start, especially if you’re a little daunted by the number of books there currently are. Since I Fell for You can be read perfectly as a standalone, though I would recommend the previous book, Now That I’ve Found You, just because it was a pleasure to listen to. Suzanne and Roman were sweet and romantic, with the perfect hint of sexy to make this a well-rounded romance. If you love bodyguard romances, you should definitely check this one out!

SINCE I FELL FOR YOU is now available on Audible:

4 hearts

Reading Order: New York Sullivans series


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The New York Sullivans series is a spinoff of the Sullivans series, though its not necessary to read the parent series to understand the new series. Here is the complete reading order if you wanted to read the whole series!

Reading Order: The Sullivans series

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The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Bella Andre It Must Be Your Love by Bella Andre Just to Be With You by Bella Andre
I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre All I Ever Need is You by Bella Andre  

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Here’s an audio excerpt from Since I Fell for You!


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Audiobook Review: The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard

The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard
Series: Haunted Hearts Legacy #1 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: October 11th 2016
Length: 12 hours and 45 minutes
Narrated by: Gemma Dawson
Links: Audible • Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

A lady imprisoned by deafness, an architect imprisoned by his past, and a ghost imprisoned within the petals of a flower – intertwine in this love story that transcends life and death.

For most of her life, Juliet Emerline has subsisted – isolated by deafness – making hats in the solitude of her home. Now, she’s at risk to lose her sanctuary to Lord Nicolas Thornton, a mysterious and eccentric architect with designs on her humble estate. When she secretly witnesses him raging beside a grave, Juliet investigates, finding the name “Hawk” on the headstone and an unusual flower at the base. The moment Juliet touches the petals, a young English nobleman appears in ghostly form, singing a song only her deaf ears can hear. The ghost remembers nothing of his identity or death, other than the one name that haunts his afterlife: Thornton.

To avenge her ghostly companion and save her estate, Juliet pushes aside her fear of society and travels to Lord Thornton’s secluded holiday resort, posing as a hat maker in one of his boutiques. There, she finds herself questioning who to trust: the architect of flesh and bones who can relate to her through romantic gestures, heartfelt notes, and sensual touches … or the specter who serenades her with beautiful songs and ardent words, touching her mind and soul like no other man ever can. As sinister truths behind Lord Thornton’s interest in her estate and his tie to Hawk come to light, Juliet is lured into a web of secrets. But it’s too late for escape, and the tragic love taking seed in her heart will alter her silent world forever.

International and NYT bestselling author, A.G. Howard, brings her darkly magical and visual/visceral storytelling to Victorian England. The Architect of Song is the first installment in her lush and romantic Haunted Hearts Legacy series, a four book New Adult gothic saga following the generations of one family as – haunted by both literal and figurative ghosts – they search for self-acceptance, love, and happiness.

I’ve only read one other book of A.G. Howard’s and that was her YA novel, but the premise of The Architect of Song sounded promising, and I’ve been super in NA fantasy lately so I decided to give it a try. This is more paranormal than fantasy though, but anything in the NA genre that wasn’t contemporary was still right in my boat. Here we have a story about nineteen-year-old Juliet whose deafness has caused her to live a life of isolation. But when her home is at risk of being seized, she is unknowingly thrust into a web of secrets and lies… and even ghosts.

Listening to this audiobook was a strange experience, to say the least. Usually I don’t have a hard time following a story when I listen, but this wasn’t the case with The Architect of Song. I felt like too many things were happening at the same time, and the story was too tame to really hook me in. I wanted more romance, especially between Juliet and her ghost, because I wanted to see how that would work out. The mystery surrounding the ghost Hawk and Lord Thornton, who was the one trying to take away her estate, was a bit too convoluted for me. I’m sure if I read this instead of listened, I would’ve understood more, but the audiobook just wasn’t working too well for me.

This is the first time that I’ve listened to a narrator with an English accent though, which was wonderful and lovely. I really enjoyed Gemma Dawson’s accent and voice and would definitely listen to her again. Her narration was what made listening to The Architect of Song a little more enjoyable, so it wasn’t a complete bust. I’d say if you’re a fan of mysteries and love stories, you should give this a try! Hopefully it’ll keep you hooked more than it did for me.

THE ARCHITECT OF SONG is now available on Audible:

3 hearts

Reading Order: Haunted Hearts Legacy series

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#4 ~ The Artisan of Light: Goodreads (out Aug. 2019)

Here’s an audio excerpt from The Architect of Song!


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Audiobook Review: Sweet Soul by Tillie Cole

Sweet Soul by Tillie Cole

Sweet Soul by Tillie Cole
Series: Sweet Home #4 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: October 4th 2016
Length: 11 hours and 48 minutes
Narrated by: Cassandra Morris & Thomas Fawley
Links: Audible • Ebook • Paperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

From the USA Today best-selling Sweet Home Series comes Sweet Soul, a heart-wrenching story of love in its purest form.

One shy lost soul. One silent lonely heart. One love to save them both.

Life has never been easy for 20-year-old Levi Carillo. The youngest of the Carillo boys, Levi is nothing like his older brothers. He isn’t dark in looks or intimidating to everyone he meets. In fact he’s quite the opposite. Haunted by a crippling shyness and the tragic events of his past, Levi spends his days with his head buried in his books or training hard for his college football team. Too timid to talk to girls, Levi stays as far away as possible and completely on his own…until he saves the life of a troubled pretty blonde – a troubled pretty blonde who might just be the exception to his rule.

Elsie Hall is homeless. Or at least that’s all anyone ever sees. Every day is a fight for survival on the cold streets of Seattle, every day a struggle to find food and keep warm. Alone in life – a life that’s dangerous and cruel – her will to keep going is an ever-losing battle. In her world of silence, Elsie has given up hope that her life will contain anything but constant heartache and pain…until the beautiful boy she has severely wronged comes to her rescue at precisely the right time.

As much as I love Tillie Cole’s Hades Hangmen series and her Scarred Souls series, the Sweet Home series has not been my thing – until now. I adored Levi and Elsie’s story! It is definitely my favorite of the series. It’s sweet, charming, heartbreaking – I really enjoyed listening to Sweet Soul. This is the first audiobook in the series to have dual narration, which is my favorite type of narration. Thomas Fawley’s sweet Southern accent for Levi totally stole my heart, and while Cassandra Morris’ voice is a little too girly, I got used to it in no time. I would highly recommend giving the audiobook of Sweet Soul if you love listening to heart-wrenching, sweet, emotional romances!

Levi is the youngest, the baby of the Carillo brothers, and he’s… different from his brothers Axel and Austin. They’re tatted, badass men while Levi is the shy boy with the kind soul. He’s the one with the pure heart, but the death of his mother and having to deal with a gang when he was young have left him lost and very introverted. Even though he’s twenty and a successful football player in college, he’s never gone out with a girl, let alone touched or kissed one. He’s never wanted to get to know a girl anyway, until he meets a homeless girl who tugs at his heartstrings like no other.

Elsie’s life has not been kind to her. Her mother died when Elsie was young, so she was sent to a foster home where she was severely bullied for the way her voice sounds because she’s partially deaf. Because of the bullying, she never speaks, and she’s been living on the streets since she left the foster home. This is where she meets Levi, a boy with a kindness in his heart she never knew existed in the world. These two complicated, heartbroken souls find each other, form a connection through their tragic pasts, and end up saving each other. I loved the way the romance grew so genuinely – I could feel the intensity of their connection while listening to this. Tillie Cole is an author who expresses love in her books so well, and the love between Elsie and Levi was simply wonderful to hear.

My heart grew so invested in Levi and Elsie’s characters – the things these two went through and continue to go through completely broke my heart, and yet their beautiful romance mended it back together. Sweet Soul is very emotional; it almost made me tear up at some points, and yet by the end of it, it’ll leave with a happy heart and a smile on your face. It is definitely a must read/listen whether you love the series or not. Thomas Fawley and Cassandra Morris’ narrations were spot on, and I’d definitely listen to them again (hopefully as dual narrators, because I looove audiobooks that way). Even though this can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend going through the series in order to get the full effect of Levi’s story.

SWEET SOUL is now available on Audible:

4 hearts

Reading Order: Sweet Home series

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Here’s an audio excerpt from Sweet Soul!


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