Review: Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard
Series: Gabriel’s Inferno #2 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: May 22nd 2012
Purchase: Ebook • Paperback

Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate, yet clandestine affair with his former student, Julia Mitchell. Sequestered on a romantic holiday in Italy, he tutors her in the sensual delights of the body and the raptures of sex. But when they return, their happiness is threatened by conspiring students, academic politics, and a jealous ex-lover. When Gabriel is confronted by the university administration, will he succumb to Dante’s fate? Or will he fight to keep Julia, his Beatrice, forever? In Gabriel’s Rapture, the brilliant sequel to the wildly successful debut novel, Gabriel’s Inferno, Sylvain Reynard weaves an exquisite love story that will touch the reader’s mind, body, and soul, forever.

I enjoyed this much more than the first book! Thank god Gabriel’s Rapture was shorter than Gabriel’s Inferno. I really liked GI, but it was just too long. But, GR being shorter wasn’t the only reason I loved reading it! This sequel perfectly captures the very essence of Gabriel and Julia’s beautiful love story. They have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, these two are perfect for each other, and they belong together.

“The only tragedy would be losing you,” he said, kissing her lightly.
“You’ll only lose me if you stop loving me.”
“I’m a lucky man then. I’ll be able to keep you forever.”

Gabriel’s Rapture picks up right after Gabriel’s Inferno, and Gabriel and Julia have finally made love. They avoided this when Julia was still Gabriel’s student, but now Julia is done with his class, and they’re free to openly show their relationship. They’re so sweet and adorable together, and Gabriel is his usual smooth, classy, charming, and seductive self. And oh gosh, he says even more things that made me blush and fan myself. I really started loving Gabriel in GR. I wasn’t a huge fan of his in GI, but in GR, he really stepped it up, and I didn’t see him as a jerk anymore. He’s just so freaking sweet and loving to Julia!

But, not everything is rainbows and butterflies. When Julia and Gabriel come back from their trip to Italy, it’s the first time their relationship is out in the public in their hometown. And they get in trouble by the university administration. Christa, a vindictive bitch who wanted to get into Gabriel’s pants, has ousted their relationship, accusing them of having an affair when Julia was still Gabriel’s student. This causes complications for them and their relationship. Both Gabriel and Julia go through heartbreak and separation, and SR did an excellent job bringing out both of their heart-wrenching emotions.

“I’ll love you forever, Julianne, whether you love me or not. That’s my heaven. And my Hell.”

Gabriel’s Rapture’s writing is still as stunning as it was in the first book. I adore the writing, the feel the author gives the book. It perfectly matches Gabriel and Julia and their romance. The Gabriel series is truly one of the most beautifully written books and has one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever read. It’s captivating and hooks you in from start to finish. You become invested in Gabriel and Julia’s romance, and you want them to have their happily ever after. And even though there is a third book, if the series had ended with GR, it would have been a heartfelt, incredible ending for Julia and Gabriel.

“I want to be your first and your last. I love you, Julianne. I offer you my heart and my life.”



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