ARC Review: Rules of Seduction by Joya Ryan

Rules of Seduction by Joya Ryan

Rules of Seduction by Joya Ryan
Series: Serve #7 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: June 9th 2015
Links: Ebook • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

He’ll be the dream and the dirty fantasy…

Through with both her controlling ex and relationships, Ava Webber is determined to explore the spicy and sometimes forbidden appetites of the exclusive BDSM nightclub, Serve. Here, she’ll get exactly what she needs…as long as it’s from a man she doesn’t know.

Nolan Hart ensures that Serve’s clients get what they want, how they want it. But with one look at the curvy brunette, Nolan knows he’s the man to fulfill her desires. As the anonymous lover, he’s Ava’s dirtiest fantasy. Outside of Serve, he’s her charming, smartass friend.

But Nolan wants more. More than Ava is willing to give. And as long as the blindfold stays on, she’ll never discover that the two men she’s falling for are one and the same…

I’ve read and loved two of the three Tessa Bailey books in the Serve series, so I was excited to read more from the series! This is my first Joya Ryan, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. Rules of Seduction centers around Nolan, the man who works at Serve, an exclusive BDSM club, who’s in charge of fulfilling clients’ needs. I’m not the biggest fan of BDSM books, but every once in a while I’ll give it a try. These types of books are usually a hit or miss, and while I didn’t LOVE Rules of Seduction, it was a hot, quick read that was easy to enjoy.

Ava Webber came out of her previous, long-term relationship a shell of herself. She lost herself somewhere along that relationship, but now with a successful career, she’s been able to move on. But while she’s moved on, that doesn’t mean she wants to enter into a relationship again any time soon. This is where Serve comes in, a sex club catering to any and all its clients’ needs. When Ava goes to Serve, she wants to forget her life for just a little while – she wants an anonymous man who will consume her with no strings attached. But meeting Nolan Hart has her questioning whether she truly wants a relationship with someone or not.

Nolan has never met anyone quite like Ava – she fascinates him, and the more he gets to know her, the more he wants her. So when Ava details the kind of man she wants, Nolan’s ready to be that man – especially since he’ll be completely anonymous. Nolan doesn’t do relationships either, but being with Ava, both in and out of the club, makes him fall hard and deep for the first time.

“I want to belong to you. If you’ll have me? I want to give myself to you. And I want you to give yourself to me. Because together, we’re more than we could ever be apart.”

Rules of Seduction is so sexy – the anonymous hookups between Ava and Nolan are seriously on fire. I really enjoyed the angst of the story as well, with Nolan deciding whether or not to reveal himself to Ava as her mysterious man. This is a fun, quick read that fans of the series would enjoy. It’s very light on the BDSM. I didn’t connect well with Ava or Nolan, but I was able to overall enjoy their story.

3 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

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