Audiobook Review: Breathless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully

Breathless in Love by Bella Andre

Breathless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully
Series: The Maverick Billionaires #1 (full reading order below)
Audiobook Publication Date: August 25th 2015
Length: 9 hours and 48 minutes
Narrated by: Eva Kaminsky
Links: Audible • EbookPaperback • Goodreads
Source: I received an audiobook in exchange for an honest review

Will Franconi has a dark past that he’s kept a closely guarded secret―very few people have ever heard his real story and he plans to keep it that way. After surviving a hellish childhood, he’s now living the dream life where everything he touches turns to gold. But something’s missing. He doesn’t quite know what until a simple letter from a teenage boy brings Harper Newman into his life. A woman who just might fill up the empty places inside him…if only he could ever be worthy of her love.

When a man has more money than he could possibly spend in five lifetimes, Harper has to ask herself what Will Franconi could possibly want from a woman like her? She’s learned the hard way that rich men always get what they want no matter the cost. If it was just herself she had to worry about, Harper would manage, but she’s guardian to her younger brother who depends on her for everything. After nearly losing his life in a car crash, she’s vowed never to let anyone hurt him ever again.

Still, sometimes Harper can’t help but long to change her story from one of an always-cautious woman to an adventurous tale of a heroine who’s wild and free…especially when Will’s kisses and caresses make her utterly breathless. And as he begins to reveal his story to her, she discovers that he’s so much more than just another wealthy, privileged man. He’s kind and giving, and he fills up all the spaces inside of her heart that have been empty for so long. Together, can they rewrite their stories into a happily-ever-after that neither of them had previously thought was possible?

After falling in love with a previous audiobook from Bella Andre, I couldn’t wait to listen to Breathless in Love! Eva Kaminsky is my favorite female narrator I’ve heard so far – her narration is fantastic to listen to, and I just love the way she voices the male dialogue. So I went into Breathless in Love with high expectations, which the authors and Eva Kaminsky all met. This was a sweet, brilliant romance between a strong heroine and a sweetheart billionaire hero that I highly recommend!

Will Franconi is the first of the Maverick group to get his story told, and what a story it was. Sweet, light-hearted, romantic, this audiobook had me smiling so much. I fell head-over-heels in love with Will – he may be a billionaire, but he has never once let the money get to his head. He’s also not that typical billionaire playboy, which I appreciated. When Will falls for a woman, he falls fast and hard, and won’t even look at any other. He’s charming, sincere, considerate – he’s really the perfect man. And he’s got a little obsession with cars – which is where the heroine comes in.

Harper Newman has been taking care of her teenage brother, Jeremy, ever since a car accident left him with the mental capacity of a seven year old. With both her parents gone, she’s had no one to rely on but herself. Harper loves her brother dearly, so when Jeremy wants to meet the billionaire who shares his obsession with cars, she agrees, but what she doesn’t expect is to be swept off her feet by the gorgeous, kindhearted man who wants to be a part of her and her brother’s little family – forever.

I loved Harper and Jeremy! Eva Kaminsky brought them to life with her narration. She also did a fantastic job with Jeremy’s voice, which was a bit slower and more emphasized to reflect his mental capacity. I admired Harper so much for the constant love and support she had for Jeremy – she’s a wonderful sister, a wonderful person, and it wasn’t hard to see how Will would fall for her.

Will has a dark past he’s constantly running from but can’t forget, but he learns to forgive himself because of what he’s found with Harper. I loved how Will wanted both Harper and Jeremy in his life – this man never ceases to amaze me with the lengths he’ll go to make sure they’re loved, safe, and protected. If you’re looking for a swoon-worthy hero, look no further than Will Franconi!

I absolutely can’t wait for more from the Maverick Billionaires. Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully have written a fantastic series-starter, and I have high hopes the other books in the series will be just as good. You should definitely give the audiobook of Breathless in Love a try – not only for Eva Kaminsky’s narration, but also for the gorgeous romance!

5 hearts

Reading Order: The Maverick Billionaires series

Breathless in Love by Bella Andre 

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Here’s an audio excerpt from Breathless in Love!


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2 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Breathless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully

  1. I love The Sullivans series by Bella Andre! However I can’t seem to get into an audiobook 😦 I’ve tried a sample once but it didn’t work for me… I’ve been told to give it another shot and a lot of people have recommended the audiobook of You by Caroline Kepnes (I’ve read the ebook and loved it!). I’ll definitely KIV Breathless in Love too when I decide to give audiobooks another try!

    • You should definitely give audiobooks another try! I never thought I’d love them this much, but I do 🙂 I’m currently listening to CD Reiss – if you’re looking for something HOT to listen to, try the Submission series 😉

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