Early Review: What You Need by Lorelei James

What You Need by Lorelei James

What You Need by Lorelei James
Series: Need You #1 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: January 5th 2016
Links: EbookPaperback • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

The Lund name is synonymous with wealth and power in Minneapolis–St. Paul. But the four Lund siblings will each discover true love takes a course of its own. . . .

As the CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund is the poster child for responsibility. But eighty-hour work weeks leave him little time for a life. His brothers stage an intervention and drag him to a seedy nightclub . . . where he sees her: the buttoned-up blonde from the office who’s starred in his fantasies for months.

Lennox Greene is a woman with a rebellious past, which she conceals beneath her conservative clothes. She knows flirting with her boss during working hours is a bad idea. So when Brady shows up at her favorite dive bar and catches her cutting loose, she throws caution aside and dares him to do the same.

After sparks fly, Brady finds that keeping his hands off Lennox during office hours is harder than expected. Though she makes him feel alive for the first time in years, a part of him wonders if she’s just using him to get ahead. And Lennox must figure out whether Brady wants her for the accomplished woman she is—or the bad girl she was.

This is actually the first book I’ve read by Lorelei James, and it was so much fun to read. It’s a sweet contemporary romance with unique characters and little drama. I really enjoyed Brady and Lennox’s characters – Brady isn’t the typical millionaire hero, as he’s a little shy and awkward and has no social life, and Lennox is a woman with a wild past she’s trying to hide at her respectable job. Their romance is light and sweet, with just the right amount of intensity and sensuality to make for an incredibly satisfying read.

As CFO of Lund Industries, Brady Lund lives and breathes his job. He has zero social life, which his family has noticed and taken upon themselves to fix. They drag him out to a club, where it just so happens that the gorgeous blonde from the office that he’s had crush on for months is there too. So Brady finally decides to live a life other than his job, and he wants to start with Lennox.

Lennox Greene is shedding her wild-child past, and her job at Lund Industries is the beginning of her new life. But even though she can hide her tattoos under her clothes and take out her piercings, she can’t hide who she really is from Brady. With Brady, she can be her true self and deal with the baggage of her past. Falling for the millionaire CFO isn’t difficult, especially when the only time she comes alive is around him.

Brady curled his hand around the side of my face, his gaze firmly on the left side of my mouth. Then his thumb slid over to stroke my bottom lip. “This lip ring . . . Christ, do you have any idea how much I want to suck on it?”
The sexy way he growled that sent slow, delicious heat unfurling in my belly.
“Before the end of the day, Lennox, I’ll know what that metal feels like on my tongue.”

The steam in What You Need wasn’t crazy hot like I expected, but there was still a good amount to leave me satisfied. I adored how Brady is sexy-as-hell, and yet still a little awkward around Lennox. He’s definitely not a smooth playboy, which was something I appreciated. I’m a big fan of romances with rich heroes, but it’s a nice change to read about one who doesn’t have a revolving door of women.

If you love office romances, you’ll want to check this book out. Lennox and Brady are utterly sweet together, and I enjoyed the way their romance played out. This book is also so funny – mainly because of Brady’s family, and I’m hoping all of them will get books of their own! What You Need is a great start to a new series with the potential to become even better. I’m excited to read more from Lorelei James!

“I want more of you.”
“You have all of me.” I’d never said that to another man in my life and the fact I’d said it without conscious thought scared me a little.

4 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

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6 thoughts on “Early Review: What You Need by Lorelei James

  1. I love office romances and a buttoned up babe somewhere she shouldn’t be is so intriguing! I’m adding this to my tbr now! Thanks!

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