Early Review: Remembrance by Meg Cabot

Remembrance by Meg Cabot

Remembrance by Meg Cabot
Series: The Mediator #7 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: February 2nd 2016
Links: Ebook • HardcoverPaperback • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Fifteen years after the release of the first Mediator novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot returns with a deliciously sexy new entry to a fan-favorite series. Suze Simon—all grown up and engaged to her once-ghostly soulmate—faces a vengeful spirit and an old enemy bent on ending Suze’s wedded bliss before it begins.

You can take the boy out of the darkness.

But you can’t take the darkness out of the boy.

All Susannah Simon wants is to make a good impression at her first job since graduating from college (and since becoming engaged to Dr. Jesse de Silva).

But when she’s hired as a guidance counselor at her alma mater, she stumbles across a decade-old murder, and soon ancient history isn’t all that’s coming back to haunt her. Old ghosts as well as new ones are coming out of the woodwork, some to test her, some to vex her, and it isn’t only because she’s a mediator, gifted with second sight.

From a sophomore haunted by the murderous specter of a child, to ghosts of a very different kind—including Paul Slater, Suze’s ex, who shows up to make a bargain Suze is certain must have come from the Devil himself—Suze isn’t sure she’ll make it through the semester, let alone to her wedding night.

Suze is used to striking first and asking questions later. But what happens when ghosts from her past—including one she found nearly impossible to resist—strike first?

What happens when old ghosts come back to haunt you?

If you’re a mediator, you might have to kick a little ass.

I honestly want to cry right now!!! I was up until 3 AM finishing this… I can’t believe it’s over! Reading Remembrance was literally a dream come true for middle-school me – Suze and Jesse as adults, about to get married, was absolute perfection. It was amazing catching up with them and the rest of the gang (yes, even Paul). Meg Cabot is that one author who got me into reading, and I will be forever grateful to her for it. I remember reading the Mediator series as a young teen, so getting to experience this new chapter in the lives some of my favorite beloved characters was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. To say I had high expectations for Remembrance is an understatement, but Meg Cabot has blown me away. I couldn’t imagine a better and more perfect ending for the series!

So what has the Mediator gang been up to? Well, it’s been six years since Suze has graduated high school, but the only job she’s been able to find is one that doesn’t pay… and is a position at that same high school. Jesse is a doctor now, doing his residency. Oh, and the two of them are engaged – YAY!! Paul is, surprisingly, a successful businessman, but still as manipulative as ever. Suze’s stepbrothers lives have also changed considerably – Jake sells medical marijuana, Brad is a father, and David is in Harvard. Everything is so DIFFERENT and yet exactly the same. When I picked up Remembrance, it felt as if I never left this world, it was so easy to jump back into.

Suze is, of course, always involved in some ghost case or another, and this time is no different. There’s a ghost following around one of the students at her school, and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. Suze is seriously one of my favorite heroines of all time – she’s so funny, sarcastic, stubborn, resilient… she’s just a fantastic character to read about. And her narrative had me in stitches, I was laughing so hard. And, of course, Jesse is as wonderful as ever. Ever patient with Suze and her antics, and always there for her, Jesse is the perfect fiancé and soon-to-be husband. Except for the fact that he’s ingrained in his Catholic ways and wants to wait until marriage for sex. Suze gets frustrated, but then again, how can she complain when she’s about to marry the love of her life?

“I believe in facts. And the fact is, I want to be with Jesse because he makes me feel like a better person than I suspect I actually am.”

Paul gets a lot of screen time in Remembrance. I hate Paul as much as I love him. I don’t know… he’s just a GREAT character. He’s always stirring up drama that Suze falls for, and this time, Paul is threatening her with the one thing she cares for most: Jesse. There is a ton of suspense and action in this book that totally had me on the edge of my seat. I seriously couldn’t put Remembrance down, it was so good.

I loved this book so hard. There’s never a dull moment for Suze, from ghosts, to Paul, to keeping Jesse safe. Remembrance might be my new favorite of the series, that’s how much I loved this book. There really isn’t anything I can complain about in this book – so if you’re a fan of the series, you absolutely don’t want to miss this brilliant new installment!

“Susannah, Susannah, Susannah,” he whispered after a little while. “Te amo.”
“Me, too,” I whispered back, slipping my arms around his neck. … “Back at you.”

5 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

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6 thoughts on “Early Review: Remembrance by Meg Cabot

  1. I’ve been meaning to get started on this series but every time book series with 3+ more books always has me a little hesitant just because I feel I need to read the entire series continuously but it sounds super good! Definitely gives me Ghost Whisper vibes and I loved that show!

    • Long series can be daunting but some are absolutely worth it! The Mediator books are fairly short so if you ever decide to give them a try it won’t take too long to read the whole series! 😊

  2. I agree with debk987 I want to read this series and I heard nothing but good things about Meg Cabot but I feel that it’s just so long and I don’t know if I will be able to read all of it 😦
    But the story sounds so good and I just don’t know what to do.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Maybe you could just give the first book a try! If you really like that one then you could continue reading at your own pace (because I’m sure you’ll be hooked 😉 ) What I love about the series is that the individual books never end in cliffhangers, so you wouldn’t feel like you HAVE to read the next one right away. I really hope you give it a try though! This is one of my favorite series from my childhood ❤

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