Early Review: Once Upon a Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt

Once Upon a Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt
Series: Maiden Lane #10.5 (full reading order below)
Publication Date: July 5th 2016
Links: Ebook • Audible • Goodreads
Source: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

From New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt comes a delightful Maiden Lane novella that begins once upon a moonlit night—and ends wickedly, wonderfully ever after . . .

Hippolyta Royle is running for her life. Pursued by hounds on a cold rainy night, the heiress flags down a passing carriage and throws herself at the mercy of the coach’s occupant. Whoever this handsome traveler may be, he is her only hope to escape a terrible fate. But should he agree to escort her to safety, he’s in for much more than he bargained for . . .

At first Matthew Mortimer doesn’t believe Hippolyta’s story, that she’s a fabulously wealthy heiress who’s been kidnapped. He assumes she’s a beggar, an actress, or worse. But once his new travel companion washes the mud from her surprisingly lovely face, and they share a breathtaking kiss, there is no turning back . . .

This novella was so. much. fun!! I was excited to read Once Upon a Moonlit Night when I found out it would be Hippolyta’s story – her appearance in Duke of Sin had me intrigued by her character, and I’m glad we get to find out what happens to her after certain events in the previous book. Hippolyta and Matthew’s romance is pure fun and sexiness – if you want something short and sweet, this novella is perfect for historical romance lovers!

After escaping from a man who kidnapped her, heiress Hippolyta is out in the cold, rainy night all by herself – until she sees a carriage passing by and tries to flag it down. Inside lies Matthew Mortimer, a wickedly handsome man who doesn’t appear to believe Hippolyta’s claims of being an heiress, but reluctantly gives her a ride to the nearest inn. He thinks she’s a beggar, so he hides the fact that he’s an earl so she won’t take advantage of him. But being stuck with one another in such close proximity proves to be difficult with the chemistry brewing between them. They aren’t who they think they are, yet they want each other anyway – but what happens when truth of their heritages is revealed?

He lifted his head and covered her mouth again, kissing her desperately, like a man who had been deprived of light and sound and sensation. Of life itself.
She was his heartbeat.

I adored the contrast between Hippolyta and Matthew – she’s a haughty yet innocent heiress who’s always got her chin pointed up, and he’s a gruff, sarcastic, newly appointed earl who doesn’t want the earldom. They’re irritated with each other for a majority of the book, and it was fun to watch them slowly fall for one another in between the hilarious banter.

Once Upon a Moonlit Night is a satisfying novella I really have no complaints about. The characters are developed and lovable – Hippolyta and Matthew are so, so cute together! – and the steaminess is off the charts despite the short book length. I’d definitely recommend this one for fans of the Maiden Lane series, especially if you’ve read Duke of Sin. Plus, there’s pet mongoose! If nothing else, at least read this novella for the pet mongoose. 😉

“Beggar or heiress. Princess or pauper. I didn’t give a goddamn who or what you were, Hippolyta, I just wanted you.”

4 hearts

Quotes are taken from the arc and are subject to change in the final version.

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