Audiobook Series Review: The Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates

The Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates

The Sin Trilogy by Georgia Cates
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Audiobook Publication Date: September 22nd 2015
Length: (book 1) 8:50, (book 2) 8:32, (book 3) 8:10
Narrated by: Jennifer Mack & Antony Ferguson
Links: Book 1 • Book 2 • Book 3 • Goodreads
Source: I received the audiobooks in exchange for an honest review

An epic tale of revenge and love in a new romantic trilogy from the New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Series.

Bleu MacAllister is consumed. A horrific childhood incident has caused every decision in her life to revolve around bringing a monster to justice. With years spent studying The Fellowship, a Scottish organized crime brotherhood of liars, thieves, and killers, Bleu will rely on her skills as a special agent to cut Thane Breckenridge off at the knees. But walking hand in hand with retribution means risking collateral damage, in the form of Breckenridge’s son Sinclair – until Sin becomes so much more than Bleu bargained for. She’s always known this undertaking would place her life in danger – she never imagined her heart would be as well.

This series is one rollercoaster of a story – wow! Tons of action, suspense, as well as some lovely sexy-times with a Scottish hottie… The Sin Trilogy is definitely a series you shouldn’t miss if you’re a fan of the romance suspense genre. I had the chance to listen to the audiobooks, and while it took some time for me to warm up to the narration, by the end, I was completely and wholeheartedly invested in the characters and series. I definitely recommend the audiobooks of The Sin Trilogy, especially if you want to listen to some great Scottish accents.

The day that seven-year-old Stella Bleu Lawrence became Bleu MacAllister was the day she lost her innocence of the world and set out to take revenge against her mother’s killer, Thane Breckenridge. She would spend the next eighteen years of her life grooming herself to become good enough, strong enough, smart enough, cunning enough, to infiltrate Thane’s Scottish, mafia-like organization and kill the leader himself. Bleu plans to get into The Fellowship through seducing Thane’s son, Sinclair. He’s supposed to be her mark, her victim – but she never expects to actually fall for him. Bleu and Sin’s story is an addicting one, because I just couldn’t wait to see how it would play out. Will Sin find out who Bleu really is? Can Bleu kill Thane even while loving his son? Is Thane even her mother’s true murderer?

I really enjoyed Jennifer Mack’s narration of Bleu’s POV, but Antony Ferguson’s narration of Sin’s felt awkward at times. While Mack could narrate the opposite sex well, Ferguson’s female voice, Bleu’s in particular with her southern accent, was a little difficult and cringey to listen to. But with three books in the series, I quickly got used to it enough that it didn’t bother me much. The best part is definitely the fact that the dual narrators can do wonderful Scottish accents.

Gripping, thrilling, suspenseful, and intense – Georgia Cates’ The Sin Trilogy took me on one wild ride of a story, leaving me breathless and aching for more. It’s a story of revenge – and finding love where you least expect it. This was definitely a series that had my mind and heart racing, and the Scottish accents definitely weren’t difficult to listen to. I couldn’t get enough of the story, and I was dying for more each time I finished a book. Thankfully, I had the whole series ready for me to listen to! This series is a highly entertaining series that had me hooked from beginning to end.

4 hearts

Reading Order: The Sin Trilogy

A Necessary Sin by Georgia Cates The Next Sin by Georgia Cates One Last Sin by Georgia Cates

#1 ~ A Necessary Sin: EbookPaperback • Audible • Goodreads
#2 ~ The Next Sin: EbookPaperback • Audible • Goodreads
#3 ~ One Last Sin: EbookPaperback • Audible • Goodreads

Here’s an audio excerpt from A Necessary Sin!


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Mini Series Review: Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh

psy-changeling series by nalini singh

psy-changeling revamped

So this is a first for me, reviewing an entire series instead of just one book at a time. But I figured since the Psy-Changeling series is a series (12 books and counting!), it would be easier for me to just gush about the series as a whole and make short reviews for each book. And this adult, paranormal romance series is the. best. I honestly had no idea I would fall this much in love with it, but I did, and I’m now such a huge fan of Nalini Singh. The only thing I don’t like about the series are the awful covers. I really, really don’t like them. Heart of Obsidian is the only cover I love (well, maybe Kiss of Snow too *cough* beautiful abs *cough*), but I’m so glad they revamped the book covers later. But whatever, who cares about the covers? It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and oh my god, this series is just one of my absolute favorites that I will never get tired of. I trust whatever Nalini Singh throws at us in future Psy-Changeling books.

Here’s a little bit about the Psy-Changeling series:

It is the year 2079, and there are 3 kinds of beings that exist in the Psy-Changeling world: humans, Psy, and Changelings. Humans are, obviously, just normal human beings. The Psy are like humans, except they have powers like telepathy, telekinesis, foresight, and a whole wide range of other powers, and they are under a regime called Silence. Changelings are the shifters, people who can shift into animals like wolves, leopards, hawks, rats, etc.

Silence is a huge part of the series. All Psy are under Silence (implemented in 1979), which means they have cut off all feelings, so they don’t feel any emotions, not love, happiness, sadness, lust, anger, fear, etc. The Council are the leaders of the Psy who are in charge of making sure Silence is maintained. However, Silence is breaking. Slowly, the Psy have been feeling more and more, and the Psy-Changeling series tells the ongoing story of the Psy learning to love again, and all humans, changeling, and Psy working together.

The series focuses on two changeling packs: the DarkRiver leopards and the SnowDancer wolves.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini SinghBook 1: Slave to Sensation • Ebook • Paperback
Lucas Hunter (changeling; DarkRiver Alpha) & Sascha Duncan (Psy)
Rating: 5

The first book of the Psy-Changeling series completely hooked me in. I wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue and finish the rest of the 12 books if I hadn’t loved Slave to Sensation. But I did end up loving it so much, and Lucas and Sascha’s story is one of my favorites of the series. It’s currently my third favorite book in this series. Lucas is the alpha of his DarkRiver leopard pack, centered in San Fransisco, and when he meets Sascha, sparks fly, even though it seems she has no feelings because she’s Psy. So Lucas slowly worms his way into Sascha’s heart and shows her how to feel and eventually, love. I love Lucas so much, his fierceness, strength, and capacity to love; he’s the main reason why I loved Slave to Sensation so much, though Sascha can hold her own too. I highly, highly recommend reading Slave to Sensation! Who knows, you might end up reading the entire series and loving it like I did!

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